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LOKI Season 1: Release Date | Cast | Plot


David Mudd

The wait is finally over for the MCU fans as Marvel’s first season of Loki is finally here! LOKI Season 1 is a must-watch for all marvel fans.

The God of Mischief is here to sweep you off your feet with a head full of super-mischievous ideas and tricks along with a confident smile that says, “It’s adorable that you think you can manipulate me.”

In this series, Loki faces the greatest challenge of his life: the Timekeepers. 

But who are the Timekeepers? What do they want from Loki? Has the evil God finally met his match?  

Fret not, as we have put together this article to help you catch up. 

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The Plot of LOKI: Season 1

This is the series in which Marvel has finally introduced the concept of a Multiverse. The story starts when Loki steals the Tesseract(surprise, surprise) yet again during Avengers: Endgame and escapes by creating an alternative timeline. The moment he does this, the flow of time is changed and the God of Mischief gains the attention of the Timekeepers. 

In the series, Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (aka TVA) and is brought to the Timekeepers where he is held accountable for his actions. Here, Loki meets Mobius and is freaked out (imagine that!) to see what was waiting for him. LOKI: SEASON 1 will keep you hooked to the screen.

In the first episode, named, Glorious Purpose we see an irritated and sulky Loki, without any magical power and any desire to plead guilty for the crimes he committed. He keeps on trying to outsmart the authorities but unfortunately, they know him way too well. Little does he know, this time his sharp wit and manipulations or even his threats won’t get him out of this peril so easily. 

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The Mysterious Time Variance Authority

a still from loki: season 1
Showcasing Loki and Agent Mobius from LOKI: SEASON 1

Time Variance Authority is a bureaucratic agency responsible for maintaining timelines and ensuring the constant flow of time. They are the Timekeepers. They accuse Loki of violating their sacred timeline. By doing so Loki has become a Time variant and he must be erased.  

Even though this all seems fair and square initially, the more the series goes forward, the more questions come to Loki. He is not someone who will ignore even the slightest anomalies. When was trying to find out more about the Variant who has killed Minutemen, he concludes that he must find out more about the Time Keepers. But he fails. 

Sylvie’s Story 

Loki finally finds the Variant who is responsible for creating chaos, by destabilising the linear flow of time.

The variant’s story starts. Her name is Sylvie and originally she is from Asgard. She is arrested for being a variant. when she was very young. Little Sylvie couldn’t understand what she had done wrong.  When she was being produced at the Time — court, she stole Ravona ‘s(who is now the Boss ) time–device and ran away. She has been on the run ever since, hiding in the apocalypse.

Sylvie becomes a major character quickly. She is a vital part of the series as she is well — acquainted with the Timekeepers. She will not stop until she has found out the truth. The role is played by Sophia Di Martino


The truth about the Variants

In the very beginning, it was reiterated throughout the series that Timekeepers staff were created. They were not born.

In later parts of the series, we learn that nothing could be further from the truth. Sylvie was always a threat to Ravona because Sylvie is the only one who had figured it out: No one is made or born a variant. Time Variants are real people from another life and timeline whose memories of the past life is completely erased.

B-13 is the first person to whom Sylvie shows the truth.


Mobius M.Mobious

The second most important role in the series is Agent Mobious who is in charge of handling Loki in Timekeepers’ Universe. 

Mobius seems pretty normal and harmless and we wonder how he could handle someone so elusive like Loki. 

From the very beginning, he doesn’t just interact with Loki but rather tries to understand him. He challenges him and provokes and puts his simple logic into use. He seems to communicate with Loki. Not many can say the same.

Loki tells Mobius two important things: where the time variants hide and how the Time-Variance Authority has been lying to him from day one.

Loki has promoted himself as someone who brings out the greatness in others. Mobius is the best example of this. From being a mere Handler, Mobius rather acts like a seeker of truth. When he finds out Ravona, his colleague and Boss are lying, he does something very Loki –esque. He swaps her time pad with his to find the truth.

But this is Loki we are talking about. He is the last person to accept orders from others. He doesn’t listen or follow. He rules; Or, rather is always ready to subvert the rulers. Here, he finally meets his match.  

Humour and expression rules the series 

a still from loki starring tom hiddleston
Starring the coolest villains of all time – Loki

This series will remind you of Thor: Ragnonak, an earlier cinematic adventure by the MCU. The series, Loki, has the same vibes, except it’s much more beautifully served. You are simply going to love the show because of the brilliant use of humor. The dialogues are funny, crisp, and precise. They do a marvelous job in presenting Loki’s cranky mood, often glimmering with evil ideas. 

Loki always had an inherent love for fun, mostly, at others’ expense. He has always been a good choice when it comes down to diluting the brooding seriousness. This series takes it farther and makes the best of it. In addition, Mobius is the extra dose of fun mixed with a seriousness which balances out the tone of the show to perfection.

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Marvel Fandom

 It was the end of 2019, right after the finale AVENGERS: ENDGAME, when the possibility of a new stand-alone show centering on Loki created a buzz among the fans. They had been waiting for the show ever since. MCU has millions of fans across the globe, thanks to their previous glorious ventures. Hence, the year-long wait was nicely tolerated by the fans as they well knew they were up for a delightful treat which is truly worth it.

 Loki: The true Anti-hero 

The series, as a stand-alone, finally helps Loki to come out of his Demi-God brother’s(Thor) shadow and offers the character the much-needed space and attention that has been long overdue.

The series takes its viewers to a different self from Loki. The quick-witted evil God has quite a past and it played an extremely strong part in shaping who he is at present, leaving the future uncertain, at the Mercy of fate. 

Loki, in his own right, is unique. This is high time for the world to provide much-deserved recognition. His lifelong desire was only to be equal to Thor and receive equal treatment. But the Asgardians didn’t pay much heed to this. Facing constant discrimination is capable of leaving permanent claw-marks of dissatisfaction which ultimately leads a person to selfish deeds and Loki is no exception. 

This series aims at exploring Loki’s weakness, his spontaneity, and his psychology at the same time. 

Agent Mobius 

The second most important role in the series is Agent Mobious who is in charge of handling Loki in Timekeepers’ Universe. 

The scene where Loki meets Mobius is a hilarious one. The interaction between the two is so natural and faultless that you have to watch it to believe it. 

Hats off, Director Kate Herron

The lead director of the show is Kate Herron who has done an amazing job. She wrote the show, along with Michael Waldron. 

The Cast of LOKI: Season 1

cast of loki season 1
Starring the amazingly cool cast of Loki

The cast of Loki is simply awesome. Their expressions were not only powerful but also priceless. Gugu Mbetha-Raw, Eugene Cordero have presented an effortless and natural performance. Tara Strong as the voice of Ms.Minutes is pretty cool.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki 

Tom Hiddleston is born to play Loki. Sarcastic remarks and freaked-out expressions go hand in hand with Hiddleston. Through his acting, Loki’s character becomes alive and receives respect and response which is well deserved. 

Owen Wilson as Mobius

Introducing Owen Wilson in the series was a masterstroke. The chemistry between Loki and Mobius is awesome and undeniably strong. 


The series became a massive hit as soon as it was released. After waiting for more than a year, the fans finally have the chance to enjoy it and they have embraced it with all their love. 

The show with a rating of 9.2 out of 10(IMDB) has overwhelmed the creators as well as the actors. They have expressed their earnest thanks to the writers, producers, the actors, and above all the fans. 

Release Date of LOKI: Season 1

The show was released on 9th June 2021.

Availability of LOKI: Season 1

The official distributor of the show is Disney + and it can be watched on Disney + Hotstar.


The best thing about this series is that it is set in a different timeline which is created by Loki himself. This makes it easier for the new viewers as they don’t need to know about each and every detail of the previous movies. 

In fact, if you choose to watch this one first and watch the movies later,you will get to understand the character in a very different way in the first place. Drop down your comments and questions regarding this freshly released series.

Hope you enjoy taking the ride along with the ever-elusive God of Mischief.