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Locke And Key Season 2: Will Lockes’ Find Out About Gabe And Eden, Release Schedule, Plot Details


David Mudd

Locke and Key is a show that came in February this year, but the fans were waiting for it for way too long. The play based on a comic book series with the same name tried to fix a deal with many other channels and streaming platforms.

Netflix became the platform that gave them a much-needed change. Season one of Locke and Key came on the streaming platform recently. There were many things that now fans of the show are worried about, renewal of the show is on the top.

So, was the first season good enough that Netflix can give them a chance for season two. Netflix recently cancelled some shows just after their first season and fans are frustrated with this. This time, we hope they don’t do this. 


Locke And Key

What To Expect: Renewal Or Cancellation?

They started working on season two even before the release of season one. The makers launched the unofficial writing sessions for the second season at that time. 

Netflix needs time to analyse everything before they reach a decision. There are chances that they will clear the situation till spring and will announce the status. The fans will wish that the show gets a season two.

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Will Lockes’ Find Out About Gabe And Eden?

The last episode of Locke and Key revealed that Gabe is actually Lucas, and Eden is also like him. Both of them will meet in season two as we can predict. There will be somethings that will continue from season one, and there are other things that the makers can take from the comic book series. The makers have lots of options to take into the series. The comic books have so many events that are worthy of being in the show.


Locke And Key

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When Will Locke And Key Release If Confirmed?

The show will release in the last two quarters of 2021 most probably, but there might be delays. The pandemic might stay for a longer time, and we are not aware of the real conditions even now. Some things are more critical than the shoots and confirmation of shows, and life is one of them.

But we can expect this show by spring 2021 at the earliest. As for the cast it is expected the the actors from previous seasons are likely to return.

And this includes Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones and Jackson Robert Scott. Although the other extended cast members may also be seen. Also this season will be a continuation of the previous season.

But other than that nothing can be predicted much as of now.

Stay tuned for latest updates!