Lock and Key Netflix Cast : Which Role Is Played by Whom?


Saloni Singh

Lock and Key is making a re-visitation of Netflix for its third and last season on August 10, 2022. On the off chance that you haven’t ultimately depended on speed with the show yet, here’s a fast synopsis. After the strange homicide of their dad, the remainder of the Locke family chooses to move into their old, familial home named Keyhouse.

The three Locke kin and their mom don’t realize that their modest habitation is packed with mysterious keys, each with their individual special powers. Yet, they’re by all accounts not the only ones enthralled by those keys. At the point when a devil stirs from its sleep, the Locke family should safeguard their keys and sort out the genuine cause of their late dad’s passing.

While enthusiasts of the show might be deterred by the series’ end, chief makers Meredith Averill and Carlton Cuse partook in an explanation that three seasons are the perfect sum for the heavenly spine chiller.

“When we started dealing with the series, we felt three seasons was the best length to bring the tale of the Locke family and their Keyhouse undertakings to a wonderful conclusion,” they made sense of. “As narrators, we are thankful that we had the amazing chance to tell our rendition of Joe Slope and Gabriel Rodriguez’s mind blowing story the very way we needed. We’re keeping the otherworldly keys, however, for our very own use.”

In Lock and Key Season 3, the Locke family’s assets and values are scrutinized as they clash with what gives off an impression of being the best dancer they’ve needed to experience. In the event that you really want an update on who’s playing who in the show, look at the cast and character guide underneath.

lock and key netflix cast

Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke

Darby Stanchfield plays Nina Lock, the head authority of the Lock family who chooses to move back to their familial home after the unforeseen demise of her husband. Nina is initially a pleasant, happy individual with an affectionately cute character, also her defense as a parent.

Be that as it may, because of the deficiency of her husband, she goes through a lot of inner unrest, particularly since she can’t grasp the enchanted conditions encompassing her. Nina is likewise a recuperating alcoholic, yet incidentally, she draws her powers from liquor abuse, permitting individuals to recollect their past supernatural experiences.

Nina likewise finds that the Patching Key can reestablish lifeless things. Stanchfield recently featured in the political show series Scandal as Abby Whelan. She’s additionally played Helen Cleric in Psychos and April Green in Jericho.

Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke

Connor Jessup plays Tyler Locke, the oldest of the three Locke kin. Tyler’s heart has forever been with his family, yet there are times when he’s not the most ideal elder sibling to his younger kin. He’s likewise an extremely doubtful individual and struggles with accepting his sibling when he sees the puzzling, mysterious keys saw as in their familial home.

In any case, later on in the series, Tyler starts to recognize the powers these keys hold, hence drawing his solidarity from tracking down them. While he might be a tremendous cynic, continuously conjuring up most pessimistic scenario situations, he squanders no second safeguarding his loved ones.

lock and key netflix cast

After the demise of his dad, Tyler battles with the responsibility that comes from having a stressed relationship with him. Jessup played Ben Artisan on the hit sci-fi show Falling Skies. He’s additionally accomplished some film work like Storeroom Beast and Blackbird.

Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke

Emilia Jones plays Kinsey Locke, the sole girl of the Locke family. With an exceptionally contemplative mentality, Kinsey just needs to mix in with the other local people in the wake of moving to her family’s old home. Yet, regardless of her saved character, she furtively wishes that individuals would see her. As a companion, Kinsey harbors outstanding characteristics.

She places unwaveringness above anything else and wouldn’t see any problems with battling anybody – the last option continuously causing her problems. Kinsey struggles with overcoming her feelings of trepidation. In any case, after a lamentable episode, Kinsey no longer surrenders to her feelings of trepidation and develops further legend she should be.

Kinsey draws her powers from the Anyplace Key given by her dad, permitting her to travel anyplace in a squint of an eye. Jones stood out as truly newsworthy for depicting Ruby Rossi in CODA, which won a Foundation Grant for Best Picture and BAFTA Grant designation for Best Entertainer in a Main Job. She’s likewise featured in Awful Narratives and Brimstone.

Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke

Jackson Robert Scott plays Bode Locke, the youngest individual from the Locke family. His solid interest and elevated degree of curiosity permit him to find a greater part of the keys contained in their home, to be specific the Phantom Key, Anyplace Key, Mirror Key, and more.

Like the young kid he will be, he effectively overreacts at any sight of otherworldly movement. Yet, that doesn’t strip him away from his courage and resolve. Regardless of being so young, he treats the supernatural keys with most extreme obligation.

lock and key netflix cast

In spite of the fact that his guiltlessness causes his whole family problems, he basically has good intentions. Before the show, Scott showed up as Georgie Denbrough in the thrillers IT: Part One and IT: Section Two.

Petrice Jones as Scot Cavendish

Petrice Jones plays Scot Cavendish, the head of the Savini Crew filmmaking club and Kinsey’s old flame. We see him first working in a frozen yogurt shop where the Lockes go, where he’s quick to recognize them as rookies to the town right away.

With his English appeal and comical inclination, Scot is really steady of Kinsey since the day she showed up. He has no innate abilities, however that is not preventing him from getting all messed up with the Lockes’ family inheritance and their mysterious issues. Jones recently showed up in Fortunate Man and Move forward: High Water.

Laysla De Oliveira as Evade

Laysla De Oliveria plays Avoid, the primary adversary of the show who’s for quite some time caught by the first Attendants of the Keys. At the point when the Locke show up at Key House, Avoid controls Bode by inspiring him to bring her the keys expected to free her.

lock and key netflix cast

Malicious and contemptible, Evade holds shapeshifting powers and doesn’t stop at anything to torment the Lockes. What makes her hazardous is her finesse, exploiting the Lockes’ shortcomings to cause them to do all her biddings. Oliveira was in the show film Visitor of Honor and the blood and gore flick In the Tall Grass.


Now is the ideal time to get reacquainted with the Locke family one final time, as Netflix’s hit dream show Locke and Key returns for its goodbye season.

Getting the last known point of interest, the story will see kin Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) collaborate with their recently sorcery clever mother Nina (Darby Stanchfield) to take on a vile power which once nagged their precursors.

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