Live Up to Your Name Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch!



A South Korean drama that shows the historical moment and differentiates the past and present conditions in a sophisticated fashion named ‘Live Up To Your Name’. It explains the traditional era as well as the modern contemporary era. It is the story of a doctor who makes the medicine by comparing traditional medicines as well as modern medicines which are more effective than today’s medicines to cure anyone.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Live Up To Your Name season 2. They do not have exact details regarding the show so through this post, we will going to talk about all the queries related to Live Up To Your Name season 2. You just have to scroll down and read the given article completely.

Live Up to Your Name Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

This is a kinda disappointment because the absence of news hampers the fans’ ability to plan and engage with the upcoming series, leaving them feeling disconnected. Unfortunately, there is no news of the arrival of Live Up To Your Name season 2. There is no official announcement made by the show makers of the series. It has been almost five years and there is no information or any sign of releasing this series.

There are five years of the gap noted. The series did not release season 2. Five years is such a long time to calculate. This is very tough to anticipate the renewal of the Live Up To Your Name series season 2.

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Live Up to Your Name Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Going to Come on Screen?

Live Up To Your Name

The disappointment among fans is a testament to the power of anticipation and the impact of unmet expectations on dedicated followers. They have been waiting for five years. Now, there is some hope for coming next season of the series. There is no official announcements have been made for the arrival of the series so it is so tough to anticipate the release date of Live Up To Your Name season 2.

However, It is anticipated that surely the official announcement will be made at the end of this year or as well as the middle of the next year. Five years is so long time. If this series will not arrive this year or the coming year then it means that this series’s next season will not come on the screen.

Live Up to Your Name Season 2 Cast and Characters: Who Will Be in It?

Each character is skillfully portrayed, allowing viewers to connect with their individual journeys, struggles, and personal growth. Cast and characters are the souls of the series which bring life to it. The depth and range displayed by the cast members reflect their incredible acting prowess, leaving viewers in awe of their skills and versatility.

Here is the list of all Cast and Characters of the series Live Up To YourName show. 

Cast Character
Nam-Gil Kim Heo Im
Kim Ah-Jung Choi Yeon-kyeong
Yun Ju-sang Choi Chun-Sool
Yoo Min-Kyu Yoo Jae-Ha
Eom Hyo-Seob Heo Jun
Moon Ga-young Dong Mak Gae
Rin-Ah Shin Yeon-Yi
Dae-hwan Oh Doo-Chil

What Are the Storylines of Live Up to Your Name Season 2?

The series tells the story of a traditional doctor who mysteriously travels to the present time and encounters Choi Yeon-Kyung, a modern physician who practices evidence-based medicine. Initially, Choi Yeon-Kyung dismisses him, believing he doesn’t belong in the contemporary era. However, her perception changes when she witnesses him healing a patient using his knowledge of ancient medical practices.

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Inspired by his abilities, they join forces and establish a clinic where the traditional doctor, Heo Im, employs his conventional medical skills to treat patients. Though the premise may seem comical at first, their journey leads to a heartfelt reconciliation and a newfound understanding. Through the process of mutual learning, they develop a deep appreciation for each other’s perspectives and experiences.

Live Up To Your Name

As they undergo personal growth, both characters begin to acknowledge their shared traits and unique differences. In the bustling city of Seoul, Heo Im initially finds himself bewildered and often in need of guidance, gradually realizing the limitations of modern medicine.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Kyung develops a deep admiration for the traditional doctor’s patient-focused approach, valuing his commitment to individual care. Together, they navigate their respective journeys of self-discovery, finding common ground and appreciating the strengths of their contrasting methodologies.

Live Up to Your Name Official Trailer Update

There is no announcement regarding the advent of the series on the screen so how can a trailer would arrive? There is no official trailer available. If you want to watch the trailer of Live Up To Your Name season 1 then it is available on YouTube. 

What Are the Ratings of the Live Up to Your Name Show?

This drama is loved by so many people as the series has gained such a high rating on different platforms. That’s why fans are waiting for the Live Up To Your Name season 2. It got 8 ratings out of 10 on the IMDB platform as well as 8.2 ratings out of 10 on the platform MY Drama List. However, it has got 81 % ratings on watch. 

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Where to Watch Live Up to Your Name Season 2?

There is no Live Up To Your Name season 2 available but if you want to see season 1 then it is available on TVN as well as Netflix. Meanwhile, it is anticipated that there will be season 2 of Live Up To Your Name then it will also follow the same episode format that season 1 had.

Final Verdict

If you want to see this series then it is the time-worthy series. It is a short story in which the scenarios are beautifully shown. you can easily watch this series on Netflix. overall the whole series has a unique blend of comedy, fun.

If any announcements are made regarding the arrival of the series then, we will give you details in a minute. you just have to stay tuned with Trending News Buzz.