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Little Women Made Over $100 Million In Box Office


David Mudd

Theaters re reopening for shows globally amid COVID-19 pandemic. Little Women is one of the movies that released after the reopening of theaters. The movie is created by Greta Gerwig. Besides, it passed $100 million in the international box office. After all, the film gained $475000 from 12 markets. Moreover, it had a great opening in Japan last week. Even though it has a small decline of 24% with $300000 this weekend.


Film review: 'Little Women' | Movie Reviews | Rochester City Newspaper

The Sony film grabbed $170000 from Denmark and stood top on the list for the third week. After all, it reached $1 million in the country with a 31% decline in the last week. The period drama movie is filled with stars. Actors starring in Little Women includes Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Eliza Scanlen, Florence Pugh, etc. Besides, the movie was originally released in 2019 and crossed $1 million. Now the domestic box office collection of the movie is $101 million. Although, the movie may be able to cross more than this if there were no COVID-19 outbreak.

The overall performance of the movie got slowed because of the cancelation of international screenings during the pandemic. However, still there are chances for the movie to achieve more from the international box office. If the movie stays in the theaters for a little more, then it will be possible.