Little Nightmares 2 Ending: Everything You Need to Know


David Mudd

Little Nightmares 2 Ending is a terrifying experience from start to finish, but the conclusion of this puzzler throws gamers for a loop. Little Nightmares 2 performs an excellent job of keeping players wondering about the game’s duration. When players guide Six and Mono through one riddle after another. The mystery of what’s happening in this incredibly eerie environment begins to unfold. Despite the lack of meaningful communication between the two main characters. Little Nightmares 2 Ending manages to weave an engrossing plot that both viewers and critics appreciate. However, because there is no actual conversation in the game, certain instances may be a little unclear.

Little Nightmares 2

This is especially true as players reach the story’s conclusion. Spoilers for the rest of the story are ahead. Like Little Nightmares before it, this game has a wonderful little surprise at Little Nightmares 2 Ending. After spending most of the game believing that Six and Mono are practically inseparable. The game finds a way to stab the player in the gut when Six seems to turn in Mono conceivable most spectacularly. While there has been some speculation that the twist was inserted just to generate a reaction from the game’s audience. It turns out that there is a substantial reason why Six lets Mono fall to his death.

In the Opening Scene of Little Nightmares 2, There Are Hints

Little Nightmares 2 begins with a slow-motion shot along a long, twisted path that leads to a door with the distinctive picture of an eye on it. Mono, your new protagonist, is thrown into a dark and foggy forest from a television. Mono makes his way to a lodge through the dangerous forest. This is where he encounters Six, the protagonist from the original Little Nightmares. He saves her from incarceration, though she is naturally hesitant to trust a stranger. Who is wearing a paper bag over his head and has just axed down her door.

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Despite this, Mono and Six create a tenuous partnership, assisting one another in solving riddles. And navigating the dark and dangerous environment in which they find themselves. They arrive at a school where the instructor and pupils have been distorted. Into bizarre monsters with twisted features after slaying the hunter who imprisoned Six. One of them is painting images of eyeballs and a skyscraper, which you can see. Six also uncovers her iconic yellow jacket from the original game in this location. The two youngsters rapidly realize that the residents of this planet are being influenced by a signal emanating from a mystery tower. And relayed through televisions similar to the one Mono emerged from.

Little Nightmares 2 Ending

When they get in the city, Mono discovers another television, which takes him to another location. Mono eventually makes it to the end of the corridor and the door with the eye sign. The Thin Man, a tower agent who utilizes reality-bending skills to capture Six, is released when the door is opened.

Mono subsequently takes the sack off his head and reveals that he, too, possesses comparable abilities, which he employs to destroy the Thin Man. He then returns to the tower to save Six, who has been distorted by the tower as well. He succeeds in restoring her to normalcy, and the two attempts to flee the tower. It shows itself to be a giant flesh monster with eyes, similar to the emblem on the Thin Man’s door.

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After Six makes it over a bridge, Mono attempts to jump to safety, but he falls short of the cliff. Six takes his hand and holds it for a brief minute before letting him fall into the abyss. Mono then develops within the tower throughout time, ultimately becoming the Thin Man. Collecting all eighteen Glitching Remains (strange humanoid shapes comprised of static) unlocks a secret ending for Little Nightmares 2 Ending. This is in which Six escapes through a TV with a new hunger – a scene that fans of the original game will recognize.

What Little Nightmares 2 Ending Implies for Mono

Mono’s role in the narrative is nearly contradictory since we see him grow within the tower and finally become the Thin Man. Mono is expelled from the television with the ability to move through portals and modify reality; he frees the Thin Man from his imprisonment; he kills the Thin Man; Six throws him into the tower; Mono reincarnates as the Thin Man, and the cycle continues.

Ironically, it’s possible that the discovery of his genuine identity was the reason Six dropped him in the first place. It’s difficult to tell for sure, but according to Comically dead account on Reddit, “Six observed Mono’s face and recognized he would be the Thin Man.”

Remember, this was her first encounter with him without the paper bag over his head. If this is the case, her apprehension of the Thin Man may have prompted her to unintentionally create him. Mono might possibly be the source of the tower’s strength, implying that he is the source of the tower’s power. The battery that the tower uses to send its signal and bend the world around it might very well be his capacity to modify reality.

What Does Little Nightmare’s 2’s Finale Signify for Six?

After abandoning Mono, Six’s journey took an unexpected turn. According to her conclusion, Little Nightmares 2 Ending is most certainly not a sequel to Little Nightmares. Many fans, including those who commented on TheGoryDetails’ Reddit thread, feel it’s a prequel. This explains why Six didn’t have her raincoat at the start of the game, despite having it throughout the first. It also explains Six’s ravenous appetite from the first game.

Little Nightmares 2

When the Thin Man initially abducted Six, people thought they were seeing the birth of Shadow Six (a glitching echo of Six who watched her from the shadows in the first game whenever she was compelled to feed). The hidden Little Nightmares 2 Ending Six fleeing via a TV before encountering Shadow Six, who points to an image of The Maw, the location where most of the original game took place.

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Six is startled to hear a loud rumbling sound coming from her own tummy. This appears to be a reasonable explanation for why Six gained her insatiable desire, which wasn’t there until this time in Little Nightmares 2, when the scenario was built up for the first game.

Why Would Mono Betray Six?

As the Little Nightmares 2 Ending plays out, it appears that both characters will be running off into the sunset, or in this instance, the sunlight. Mono rescues six from the game’s Big Bad, the gooey glob of eyes. Mono transforms Six into her usual shape, allowing the two to keep one step ahead of the vile enemy. Eventually, the two must leap across a deep crevasse. Six lands securely and successfully, and just as Mono is about to miss and fall, he turns around and catches him.

Six has saved her friend from falling and dying countless times throughout Little Nightmares 2, and this scenario is no exception. This only adds to the agony of this specific twist. Six lets Mono go this time after grabbing him, and the blob of eyes catches him. The heroine appears to have taken a dark turn, and it even appears that she has turned nasty. On the other hand, Mono has a very solid cause for murdering her new companion.

The Thin Man’s Ascension

Since Six is no longer wearing any of her numerous hats in Little Nightmares 2, she appears to be able to recognize Mono for who he actually is or, more accurately, for what he eventually becomes. The ultimate reveal is hinted at throughout the game once Mono gets grabbed by the glob of eyes. It turns out that inserting a second character into Little Nightmares 2 was always for this reason.

Players will notice that Mono’s fate looks to be a fate worse than death after he meets it. When the blob evaporates and goes on, the Thin Man stands where Mono formerly stood. The main opponent of Little Nightmares 2 is a man, or maybe a beast. Six appears to recognize the parallels between her companion and the evil spirit since she can view her friend better and appears to gaze hard directly at Mono before dumping him. It’s likely that once she learns who Mono is or will become at some time, she thinks she might be able to eliminate him before he becomes a menace. Six reasoned that if she dropped Mono to his death, she might effectively terminate the nightmare before it began.

Of course, as the action progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Six’s dark turn will come back to bite her. She creates the villain rather than fighting him before he can come after her. This specific surprise fits well with the game’s general scary vibe. After two games of pulling for and trying to save a character, she puts herself in danger. By the way, it also appears to build up a sequel to Little Nightmares 2 in a later chapter of the plot.

The Developer Teases a Little Nightmares 2 Twist

One of the reasons Little Nightmares 2 is so popular is that it maintains a creepy atmosphere throughout the plot. While the game’s ending bombshell may have elicited audible gasps from players, it turns out that it was teased both inside the game and in development interviews. It’s simply a question of keeping one’s eyes and ears open. Mono and the Thin Man appear to have similar skills in the game since both characters appear to be able to alter TV signals. Mono is a young child on the run from the exact monster he ends up becoming. Therefore this is neatly veiled inside the game.

Outside of the game, one interview with senior narrative designer Dave Marvik revealed a few indications in retrospect. When Marvik discussed why Little Nightmares 2 doesn’t have a co-op mode, he mentioned how they opted to make the second character AI controlled. He stated that the developer believed that giving control to one of the characters would prevent the plot from progressing as planned. Marvik even stated that allowing gamers to handle both characters would “ruin” the tale. If one player was in charge of Mono while another was in charge of Six, the massive reward would have been more difficult to achieve.

Little Nightmares 2

It seems quite improbable that a player would want Six to kill Mono, especially if they were a co-op partner. Granted, there are methods to get around this; going to a cut scene would have sufficed, but having complete control over the second character allowed Little Nightmares 2 to deliver the huge Thin Man payoff with maximum dramatic impact.

Wrapping Up

Little Nightmares 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions in the works. Dark secrets and unresolved questions abound in the Little Nightmares realm. Mono’s background, abilities, and why he’s so keen on helping others may make for a fascinating game. Alternatively, the devs might disclose Six’s final fate, as he was last seen departing The Maw after absorbing its residents’ essence. Tarsier Studios might, of course, opt to keep such secrets hidden.

However, it’s doubtful that this will be the final episode of Little Nightmares. There are so many alternatives to examine, which means there’s a good chance another horrific narrative may emerge. The Little Nightmares 2 Ending hint that Tarsier Studios isn’t through with the tale of this grim universe just yet, whether they opt to build on current chapters or introduce us to the perspective of a new character.