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Little Nicky, a boisterous, quick-witted comedy that hits at least as frequently as it misses, appears ready to follow The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Big Daddy. In addition to the usual un-PC comedy, Little Nicky has a reasonably strong supporting cast and a more likable tone than Sandler’s preceding blockbusters, so the former Saturday Night Live star may have a chance to reach new demographics and improve his international record (his last three films have done half as well worldwide as in the US). Little Nicky made $18.1 million in its first three days of release in the United States.

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Nicky, played by Sandler, is the nerdy, kind-hearted son of the current Devil (Keitel), who is constantly teased by his more typically villainous brothers Adrian (Ifans) and Cassius (Lister). Nicky is sent to get Adrian and Cassius after they chose to cause trouble in the mortal realm rather than sit around in Hell waiting to succeed “Dad.”The movie begins off as it means to go on, going from one – sometimes schoolboyish, sometimes wonderfully strange – humor to the next in its opening segment in the nether realm (which feels like a family sitcom with art design by Hieronymous Bosch).

Little Nicky Cast

  • Nicky, the eldest child of Satan and an angel named Holly, is portrayed by Adam Sandler.
  • Valerie Veran, a design student who Nicky falls for, is portrayed by Patricia Arquette.
  • Nicky, Adrian, and Cassius’ father, Satan, the king of Hell, is played by Harvey Keitel.
  • Adrian, the cunning firstborn of Satan, is played by Rhys Ifans.
  • As the vicious second son of Satan, Cassius, played by Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr.
  • Rodney Dangerfield played Lucifer, the father of Satan and the creator of Hell, and the grandfather of Nicky, Adrian, and Cassius.
  • Bulldog Mr. Beefy, a demon-possessed canine who Nicky befriends, is voiced by Robert Smigel.

Little Nicky Cast,

  • Nicky’s mother, Holly, an angel, is played by Reese Witherspoon.
  • Todd, an actor who Nicky befriends, is played by Allen Covert.
  • John, a Satanist metalhead who befriends Nicky, is portrayed by Jonathan Loughran.
  • John’s friend Peter, a Satanist metalhead who meets Nicky, is played by Peter Dante.
  • Jimmy, a demon and one of Satan’s advisers, is played by Blake Clark.
  • Stanley “Tit-Head,” the Gatekeeper of Hell, was played by Kevin Nealon. When he said that he couldn’t prevent Adrian and Cassius from leaving Hell, Satan sprouted breasts on top of his head.
  • Referee Whitey Duvall is played by Dana Carvey.

Little Nicky Plot

Despite having worked for 10,000 years, Satan (Harvey Keitel) resolves not to retire. This infuriates Cassius and Adrian, who flee for New York while slamming the gates of Hades in their wake. Without new souls to feed on, Satan actually begins to fall apart. He loses one thing after another, eventually needing two hands to hold his lips open, starting with an ear. (It is Keitel’s haphazard performance, ho ho.) Little Nicky, who is worried about his grandfather, follows his brothers to Manhattan, where a speaking bulldog named Beefy makes him friends.

Little Nicky Cast,

Numerous celebrities make appearances in the plot as cameos, including Quentin Tarantino as a blind preacher, Ozzy Osborne as himself, and Rodney Dangerfield as Nicky’s granddad, serving as yet another warning that he should be producing films rather than infiltrating them. Reese Witherspoon makes the best cameo as an angel with questionable genetics who understands God and speaks like a Valley Girl: “He’s so brilliant!” “Jeopardy smart, like that!” News reports track how the ambassadors of hell are transforming New York. The drinking age is dropped to 10 (setting up the necessary projectile vomiting moment without which no Sandler movie is complete), the city motto, “I Love NY,” changes to “I Love Hookers,” and, my personal favorite, the Harlem Globetrotters begin to receive traveling infractions and technical fouls.

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In a postscript, it is revealed that Valerie hit Nicky with a shovel, correcting the damage to his jaw. Holly’s personal trainer, Chris Farley, is mentioned as the couple’s long-distance romance progresses. When Zachariah turned another child’s milk bottle into moose urine, he was expelled from the nursery. Todd began his one-man performance, which was only attended by a monster from hell. After Mr. Beefy and his rat girlfriend reconciled, they had children. Both Gary the Monster and Stanley the Gatekeeper were parents. After dying in a plane crash, John and Peter are granted Nicky’s former bedroom in Hell where they live happily ever after as honored citizens.

Little Nicky Review

Little Nicky might have succeeded. Simply said, Sandler serves as a distraction and steals scenes, which is why we want him to return them.

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Now 35, he. It’s true that you can spend your entire life portraying a teenager (just think of Jerry Lewis), but isn’t it about time we got to see the real Adam Sandler? When I first met him, I thought, “This guy has the makings of a movie star.”