List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!


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They rose to the top of IMDB thanks to the votes of thousands of fans and a little criticism from film critics.

  • Mushi-Shi – 8.5

Ginko has devoted his entire existence to warding off the Mushi, which are supernatural entities that are neither good nor evil, but can take the form of various beings and are responsible for the sicknesses that befall mankind. Because Ginko is the only one who can see them, this results in a string of episodes centred on a variety of existential debates.

Mushi-shi typically takes surprising turns into profoundly philosophical topics, and its subject matter encompasses a wide variety of ideas regarding life and relationships. It constantly engages the thought, analysis, and comprehension of the viewer, which distinguishes it as an unusually intellectual form of horror anime.

  • Mononoke – 8.3

Mononoke are malevolent spirits that haunt the world in anticipation of their destruction at the hands of a person known as the Medicine Seller. To be able to destroy demons, the Medicine Seller needs to discover the “Truth,” “Form,” and “Reason” behind each demon. This leads to a discussion of a number of human occurrences, including suicide, corruption, and murder, amongst other murky topics.

List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!

When it comes to design, aesthetics, animation, and graphics, the series is without a doubt one of the most astounding and gorgeous pieces of art, not only in the horror genre but in all of anime. Taking in all that is going on before your eyes is utterly hypnotic. Therefore, viewers should not expect scary pictures or frightening creatures, given that the horror in these series is based on what humans are capable of doing to themselves and to one other, and it is truly awful. This means that viewers should not expect scary sights or frightening monsters.

  • Parasyte: The Maxim – 8.3

Shinichi Izumi makes an attempt to become infected by a parasite known as Migi, but the parasite is unsuccessful and becomes entrapped in his right hand instead of his human body. Both of them are forced to go up against other parasitic foes who are attempting to take control of the human brains all across the world because they have no other choice.

The anime series Parasyte: The Maxim is a body horror series that features hideously fascinating monsters, amazing episode cliffhangers, and an intriguing plot, among other qualities that make it simple to watch the entire series in one sitting. And much like many of the other entries on this list, it does a terrific job of challenging viewers with other contentious topics of life, such as the meaning of change, altruism, and survival, and it examines what distinguishes humanity and monstrosity.

  • Serial Experiments Lain – 8.1

List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!

There aren’t many psychological horrors out there that approach the goal of posing profound philosophical concerns about existence with the same level of seriousness as Serial Experiments Lain. The audience is questioned about the living conditions of society, technology, and humans through the use of tales that are compelling and profoundly complicated, giving the impression that they are practically impossible to interpret.

Because it offers a variety of perspectives on the events that transpired in Lain Ikawura’s life, this series continues to be one of the audience’s favourites to talk about because it is thought-provoking, intellectual, innovative, and eerie (which begins after she receives a text from a girl who committed suicide and is pulled into a virtual world). Even though it is not a traditional horror movie in the sense that it will cause viewers to leap out of their chairs, it will surely cause everyone to feel uncomfortable and terrified of their own realities.

  • Elfen Lied – 8.0

Elfen Lied is a work of art that tells the story of Lucy, a human breed with powerful telekinetic arms. If comedy is not what the audience prefers when it comes to horror anime, then there is nothing that can compare to the nerve-wracking scenes, impressive plot, complex characters, and extraordinary visuals of this masterpiece. Lucy is a human breed with powerful telekinetic arms. She and others of her type, as well as other people, were subjected to the cruellest experiments, and the series does not shy away from depicting the unpleasant parts of what happened.

This horror anime is not appropriate for a wide variety of audiences due to its graphic depictions of violence and gore, as well as its examination of heavy topics like sexual assault, genocide, scientific experimentation, and military atrocities, amongst others; however, it will leave the majority of viewers with a lasting impression. Only Elfen Lied is capable of achieving such a seamless integration of mature themes into animation.

  • Ghost Stories – 8.0

The story follows a group of elementary school children who, after entering a haunted house, accidentally awaken an evil spirit that corners them into using the journal that one of the main character’s mother kept, which turns out to be a guide to hunt ghosts.

List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!

The journal belonged to one of the main character’s mother. After that initial run-in, the heroes will face further supernatural beings that need to be vanquished in order to progress in the story.

The actual television show is not very good at all. The premise isn’t very strong, the supernatural encounters are overused tropes, and the characters aren’t very well developed at all. At least, that is how it is presented in the original Japanese edition. Ghost Stories was able to achieve such a high score and quickly became a fan favourite among audiences because, more than anything else, it is best known for its hilarious English dub. This dub diverged so significantly from the show’s original Japanese script that it helped to establish the show’s reputation as one of a kind and a comedic icon.

  • Paranoia Agent – 8.0

There is panic in the city when an uncatchable golden bat wielding character strikes random passersby. There is a lot going on in this series about how people deal with the unknown and unpredictable risks that confront them.

Satoshi Kon, the filmmaker of psychological thrillers like as Perfect Blue, delivers a compelling piece of psychological terror with stunning graphics and unique storytelling methods. In this series, fear is dealt with in a truly unique and exceptional way. With the complexity that only a few horror stories can accomplish, as with many of Satoshi Kon’s works, viewers will be left with numerous questions about the complexities of the human psyche.

  • Tokyo Ghoul – 7.8

List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!

Ken Kaneki, a youngster who is misled and mistakenly turned into a flesh-eating hybrid ghoul, is the star of this popular series, which has earned thousands of admirers worldwide. In a world filled with the most terrifying monsters in horror anime, his insatiable need for flesh and his unblemished humanity put him at a severe disadvantage.

Tokyo Ghoul boasts a fantastic music, action sequences, a well-developed idea, and cliffhangers that leave most fans hungry for more. The manga is thought to be superior, but Tokyo Ghoul is a terrific show for binge-watching at night with some popcorn and turning off the lights.

  • Devilman Crybaby – 7.6

Those who have a strong will can absorb, control, and convert themselves into a Devilman in this reality, where demons exist and want to possess humans whose will is weak to destroy them. Akira and Ryou, longstanding friends who are investigating demons, are fortunate in that Akira obtains wicked talents but retains his kindhearted nature.

An accessible horror series for those new to the genre, Devilman Crybaby is acclaimed for its surprise plot twists and well-crafted narrative that leads to a satisfying conclusion. The story’s progression, despite a shaky start, is well worth the time and attention. As one of the most exciting and bloody in the horror genre, the anime is sure to leave viewers with lasting memories.

  • Shiki – 7.6

People in the town of Sotoba begin to worry about an epidemic because of a strange illness that is killing off residents. Doctor Toshio Ozaki, on the other hand, is convinced that something else is to blame for the fatalities, given the patients’ bizarre symptoms and the inability to find a cure.

List Of The Top 10 Most Highly Rated Horror Anime: According To IMDB!

By the end of each chapter, viewers will be engrossed in the mystery surrounding the strange deaths and sightings of what appear to be alive corpses. Vampire anime Shiki is considered one of the best ever since it combines modern vampires with classic legend, creating a very full and three-dimensional picture of the creatures. Shikki features several spooky shots and frightening death sequences, so viewers may expect some scary sights as well.

  • Another – 7.6

For a brief time, Kouichi Sakakibara was absent from school due to illness. Mei Misaki is a strange girl with an eyepatch that he meets after returning to school, but no one else does. When he strikes up a friendship with the mysterious adolescent, he discovers a terrible curse that is claiming the lives of countless others.

This 2012 series, one of the most beloved in the history of horror anime, will delight fans of gory and random death scenes, puzzles to be solved, mysteries to be unravelled, and urban legends to be investigated. Another has an intriguing storyline, and it’s impossible not to become engrossed in it. However, what truly distinguishes it as a worthwhile anime is the way it engages the audience in helping to solve the mystery.

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