Lisa Steinberg: What Really Happened In The Slaying Of Lisa Steinberg?


David Mudd

The horrific account of abuse and torture that you are about to read will shake you to your very core. Lisa Steinberg was a child who passed away as a result of the abuse and neglect that she suffered at the hands of her adoptive father, Joel Barnet Steinberg, for a number of years.

As a result of Lisa’s passing, the municipal officials of New York City were compelled to alter the way in which they dealt with adoptions and cases of child abuse. However, who exactly are Lisa Steinberg, Hedda Nussbaum, and Joel Steinberg?

Joel Steinberg and Hedda Nussbaum’s Romance

Joel Steinberg spent his childhood in both the Bronx and Yonkers, both of which are located in the state of New York. He was a criminal defence attorney and he had been practising law for 46 years. After some time, he began a romantic relationship with Hedda Nussbaum, who works as a writer and editor.

In the year 1977, both Nussbaum and Steinberg lived together in a brownstone apartment in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Hedda’s feelings for Joel were intensely passionate. In her book published in 1977 titled Plants Do Amazing Things, she dedicated it “to Joel, my everyday inspiration.”

When Hedda first moved in with Joel, the two of them decided against getting married. Shortly after the couple moved in together, Joel quickly began assaulting his common-law wife. Hedda’s employment at Random House was terminated in 1981 as a result of her numerous absences from work due to the abuse she suffered from Joel.

When Lisa Steinberg Was Just Six-years-old

Lisa Steinberg

Elizabeth Lisa Launders was born in the New York City borough of Manhattan. She had been abandoned at the orphanage by her mother, who was a single college student who had never married. After some time had passed, Hedda Nussbaum and Joel Steinberg, a Jewish couple, became the child’s adoptive parents soon after she was born.

They named her Lisa Steinberg. In 1981, Nussbaum and Joel Steinberg were able to gain custody of a child named Lisa after a series of questionable legal manoeuvres. On the other hand, the couple was Jewish, and the girl’s biological mother had already paid an attorney fee to Steinberg in the amount of $500.

There is still a mystery about the circumstances surrounding Hedda Nussbaum and Joel Steinberg’s decision to formally adopt Lisa. Michele Launders, Lisa’s birth mother, took the money from them in order to place Lisa with a Roman Catholic family. This was done solely for religious reasons.

After some time had passed, the couple became adoptive parents to a second child, a toddler named Mitchell who was 16 months old. Additionally, Nussbaum and Steinberg carried out an unlicensed adoption on his behalf.

Lisa Steinberg was forced to spend the next six years of her life in Joel and Hedda’s filthy and increasingly gory Greenwich Village apartment. During this time, Joel and Hedda indulged in their sadomasochistic fantasies without any regard for the child’s well-being. Lisa Steinberg was forced to spend the next six years of her life in this apartment.

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An investigation into the Lisa Steinberg Case

Lisa Steinberg was a bubbly and active child when she was six years old. On the evening of November 1st, Joel Steinberg was planning on going out with his buddies to eat at a restaurant and then party. Lisa was adamant that Joel accompany her on their trip.

Due to Lisa’s temper tantrums, Joel was forced to punch her in the head, which caused her to pass out and prevent her from joining Joel and his buddies on their trip. Nussbaum was left alone with her dying daughter, Lisa, for approximately ten hours, during which time she did not contact the authorities or seek medical assistance.

Lisa Steinberg

Joel Steinberg went away and came back a number of times, and on each occasion he free-basing his crack cocaine. On November 2, 1987, Hedda and Joel crossed every line in the book when they reported the attack that had been committed on Lisa to the authorities twelve hours later.

The terrible couple reported to the authorities that their daughter had choked on some food, and they asked the authorities to investigate the incident. Lisa was transported to St. Vincent’s Children’s Hospital by medical personnel while bewildered and covered with bruises all over her 43-pound frame. The bruises had no apparent cause.

In order to account for Lisa’s bruises and cuts, Hedda Nussbaum stated that she had recently fallen a lot on her roller skates. Lisa had passed out completely by the time the first responders arrived at the residence.

However, a 16-month-old baby named Mitchell was discovered unharmed in his crib, laying in his own pee and excrement, and was declared dead at the scene. Steinberg was not reported to authorities because Nussbaum believed he had magical healing powers, according to police documents.

At 6 a.m. the next morning, Lisa Steinberg died. Steinberg followed Nussbaum’s instruction and contacted 9-1-1 immediately. An international criminal prosecution resulted from the case. An unconscious Lisa was found on the bathroom floor after being left there overnight.

And Joel Steinberg partied with his friends. Her demise was linked to a traumatic brain injury caused most likely by a hammer with a rubber head. Steinberg’s visit was eagerly anticipated by Hedda.

She had faith in Joel Steinberg to bring Lisa back to life despite the fact that her brain had been removed. Hedda resorted to cocaine when Joel returned, hoping it would help them “relate better.”

Hedda’s bruised body revealed she had been tortured after her interview. Many broken ribs, smashed jaw, fractured nose, and terribly abscessed legs were found in Hedda after doctors examined her.

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