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Lisa Raye Net Worth: How Wealthy Is This Actress ?

In this article, let’s find out how wealthy this American fashion designer and actress is. Like, What is the estimated value of Lisa Raye Net worth in the year 2022? How much she’s earning? What is the range of her earnings as an actress & model? So lets Rock ‘N Roll!

Who Is Lisa Raye McCoy’s?

Lisa Raye McCoy is a model, actress, and business owner. Lisa Raye McCoy was also the first lady of Turks and Caicos before her marriage. McCoy is known as Neesee James of All of Us and Diamond of The Players Club.

Last, she played Alexis on the TV show A House Divided in 2020. She is currently The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s global ambassador.

A Look Ahead at Some Upcoming Projects

Next, in 2021, she will play Elsie in a play called The Royal. Right now, the movie is in the process of being put together. Holiday Heartbreak, the movie she is making next, is in the pre-production stage.

lisa raye net worth

Her Early Life:  Age, Parents, Race, Number of Siblings, and Level of Education

LisaRaye McCoy was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 23, 1967, to a family from the business class. She comes from an Irish background.

Lieutenant David Ray McCoy, her father, was a businessman who made a lot of money. He once owned a number of hotels and nightclubs. David was killed very badly in his car in South Side Alley in 1988. Still, the murder case against his so-called girlfriend, Sheila Daniels, has not been solved.

Katie McCoy, who is LisaRaye’s mother, used to work as a model. Shawntae Harris, also known as “Da Brat,” is her step-sister who is older than her. Shawntae works as both a rapper and an actress.

When talking about where she went to school, she says that she graduated from Eastern Illinois University. Before that, in 1986, she finished high school at Thornridge.

Before that, she went to schools in the southern part of Chicago called St. James College Prep and Kenwood Academy.

lisa raye net worth

Professional Life of Lisa Raye McCoy

Career in Acting

LisaRaye McCoy became an actress after she graduated from college. Reasons was the first movie she was in. It came out in 1996. She played the lead role of Lisa Ray McCoy in the movie. In 1998, she played the role of Diamond in the comedy-drama The Players Club. The role of Diamond was the first big step in her career.

After the movie did well, she starred in films like Civil Brand, Gangs of Roses, and Beauty Shop. Also, her TV show All of Us is very well-liked.

She was hired for the show in 2003 and played Neesee James until 2007. Single Ladies, Face Value, and Truth to Power are some of her other TV shows.

Careers in Modelling and Business

In 2007, she took on more modelling jobs. She was a model and was in a lot of high school and church shows. She also showed music videos like Same Tempo, Last Chance, Truc Love, Roll Call, and many others. Also has to deal with different ads from the TCI Board of Tourism.

She is also a businesswoman in addition to being a model and an actress. She started her two clothing lines, Luxe & Romance and Xraye, in 2005. Luxe & Romance is a brand of lingerie, while Xraye is a line of jeans for women.

She started selling her jeans under the name The LisaRaye Collection in the summer of 2011. She also has a line of hair products called LisaRaye Glamour.

Salary and Net Worth of Lisa Raye McCoy

As of 2022, it is thought that Lisa Raye net worth is $10 million. As an actress, she makes between $21,000 and $215,000 a year. Aside from that, she makes between $21k and $204k as a model.

Aside from that, her business is also a big part of how she makes money. Therefore, we could say that being an actress, model and an entrepreneur is the source for Lisa Raye to make and grow her net worth.

lisa raye net worth

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

LisaRaye McCoy has black hair and brown eyes. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 54 kilograms. Also, she is 34-24-36 inches tall.

LisaRaye McCoy- Controversy & Rumors

She said more than once that she was the mother of Ghana’s Queen. But the Ghanaian has always denied what she says. Also, there is no monarchy in the country.

But there are many different ethnic groups in the country, and each has its own chieftaincy system. One of the small villages, Agona Kwanyako, gave McCoy the title of development chief as a form of honour.

Social Media

LisaRaye has more than 704.9k Twitter followers, more than 2m Instagram followers, and more than 4.3m Facebook followers.

She follows people like Adrian Rae, Tabitha Brown, and Jessica Fyre on Instagram.

You can also learn about Emma Davies, Drena De Niro, and Scottie Thompson by reading their biographies.

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