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Lisa McVey: The Most Noted Story of Intellect and Perseverance!

In 1984, Lisa McVey chose to commit suicide. Following quite a while of sexual maltreatment from her grandma’s sweetheart, the Florida high schooler intended to bite the dust by self destruction and even composed a farewell note. However at that point, a chronic executioner grabbed her. This startling turn in Lisa McVey’s story made her need to live.

With a firearm squeezed against her sanctuary, McVey concluded to do anything it took to get by. Furthermore, what occurred over the course of the following 26 hours wouldn’t just save McVey’s life — it would likewise prompt her abductor’s passing.

The Story Of Lisa McVey’s Abduction

Lisa McVey was riding her bicycle home from a twofold shift at a doughnut shop on November 3, 1984. The depleted 17-year-old sold beyond a congregation at around 2 a.m. And afterward, somebody got her off her bicycle from behind.

McVey began shouting as noisily as she could — until her assailant squeezed a firearm to her head and expressed, “Shut up or I’ll blow your head off.”

lisa mcvey

It wasn’t whenever that somebody first had compromised the youngster with death. McVey, who lived with her grandma in Tampa since her medication dependent mother couldn’t really like her, had persevered through three years of her grandma’s beau attacking her and compromising her with a firearm.

McVey — who understood that she presently not had any desire to kick the bucket — told her aggressor, “I’ll do anything you desire. Simply don’t kill me.”

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The man tied McVey up, blindfolded her, and tossed her into his vehicle. She then, at that point, looked for pieces of information that could save her life. To begin with, she utilized a little open space underneath the blindfold to evaluate the vehicle — a red Dodge Magnum.

“I watched a great deal of wrongdoing shows,” McVey later said. “You’d be shocked about the abilities to survive you have when you’re in a position like that.”

McVey’s abductor began driving. Frightened for her life, McVey followed the minutes passing, noticed that they were driving north, and considered each step McVey took her inside his condo in Tampa.

For the following 26 hours, the man over and over raped, tortured, and mishandled Lisa McVey. She was sure that she would kick the bucket all of a sudden — however she didn’t.

Being Held Captive By Bobby Joe Long

Police caught Bobby Joe Long on November 16, 1984, only 12 days after Lisa McVey got away.

Before he captured Lisa McVey, Bobby Joe Long had proactively killed eight ladies. He would proceed to kill two more subsequent to delivering McVey. Likewise, Long had additionally dedicated in excess of 50 rapes.

Bobby Joe Long initially started his wrongdoing binge in the mid 1980s, utilizing grouped promotions to track down casualties. Subsequent to assaulting many ladies, Long began killing them in 1984. Then, in November, Long grabbed Lisa McVey.

While caught in the executioner’s condo, the blindfolded 17-year-old heard the news report that she was absent. She held back shouts as Long by and by took steps to place a shot in her mind.

lisa mcvey

How Lisa McVey Helped Police Catch A Killer?

Presently an inspirational orator, Lisa McVey Noland recounts the tale of her snatching to “anyone who’ll tune in.”

Lisa McVey needed to ensure the police got Long. So she told Sgt. Larry Pinkerton all that she recollected about her assault.

Only days after her experience, McVey heard a news report about a homicide casualty in her space. Persuaded her criminal was the executioner, McVey called up Pinkerton and said, “Come get me. There’s more I want to tell you.”

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McVey described her experience to the police once more. Pinkerton inquired as to whether she might want to be entranced to help her run any inactive recollections. Be that as it may, when her grandma’s sweetheart would not allow her authorization, this provoked McVey to uncover his maltreatment to the police, prompting his capture.

lisa mcvey


How Did Lisa McVey Move Away?

Long drove McVey to an ATM and a corner store. He then dropped her off behind a business around 4:30 a.m. Long advised McVey to stand by five minutes prior to removing her blindfold so he could drive away. “Tell your dad he’s the justification for why I didn’t kill you,” he said.

How Long Was Lisa McVey Kidnapped For?

26 hours

The film recaps the genuine story of Lisa McVey who was stole and raped for 26 hours by chronic executioner Bobby Joe Long in 1984.

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Notwithstanding its transmission, the film likewise got an extraordinary dramatic separating Tampa, at exactly the same theater where Bobby Joe Long was captured in 1984.

lisa mcvey

Where Does Lisa McVey Work Now?

the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Presently 54 years of age, McVey fills in as an individual from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, gaining practical experience in sex wrongdoings and attempting to safeguard kids. She likewise functions as a school asset representative at a center school near the first wrongdoing, and sporadically goes about as a persuasive orator.


THE last one standing of productive chronic executioner Bobby Joe Long has uncovered the turned words the sicko expressed to her when she asked him for what valid reason he was assaulting and tormenting her during a horrendous 26-hour trial.

With respect to McVey, her life before long different to improve things. After she matured out of the out of control focus, she moved in with a mindful auntie and uncle and took up various positions. Also, in 2004, she pursued the police foundation. She later joined the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office — the very division that had captured her abductor — and started having some expertise in sex violations.

In 2019, the territory of Florida executed Bobby Joe Long. Lisa McVey Noland saw the execution as well as sat in the first line, wearing a shirt that read: “Long… Overdue.” She said, “I needed to be the principal individual he saw.”

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