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Lionsgate To Stream Blockbusters On YouTube For Free During Lockdown

The 58 years old Cinépix Film Properties if Lionsgate is always famous for its films and motion pictures. The company bags famous award featuring movie too. The films like Sinister, The Hunger Games, Rambo, Twilight Saga, etc gained huge applause from the viewers.

As many companies are giving their hand to help-seeking persons in the pandemic that the entire world is going through. Many featured companies were already part of this rescue team.

The more recently Sony joins the hand and now lionsgate also joined this troop.

Yes, Liongate is giving away the most interesting gift to its users and viewers.


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Lionsgate Featuring The Free Movies To Watch On YouTube & In Return The Money It Collected Is For COVID-19

Lionsgate is giving away its four blockbuster movies free to watch on YouTube to all the viewers. And the money it collected from this will be contributed to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eddie The Eagle, Bend It Like Beckham and The Hunger Games will stream on YouTube in the four weeks span. It will start from May 2nd, the movies include the Oscar-winning film La La Land.

Well, the company also adds dew featuring elements to it too. Edith Bowman, Keith Lemon, Jack Whitehall, and Jonathan Ross are going to host the film nights in May.

The shows the main motto is to encourage viewers to donate to NHS Charities and to contribute their best for needy hands.

In addition to this, all the viewers can access to have surprises from different actors, even from the Lionsgate partners.

“Although there is nothing quite like watching a film on the big screen, Lionsgate Live!. It is a great chance for the UK to come together and celebrate the cinematic experience from home,” said Lionsgate UK's CEO, Zygi Kamasa.


“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our support and raise money for NHS Charities. Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal and The Film and TV Charity Covid-19 Emergency Response, who are both doing incredible work during this time. Join us as we celebrate a night out at the cinema, and bring it on the home.”

We will able to have Biopic Eddie the Eagle, starring Taron Egerton, on 9th May. The Hunger Games on May 23, football classic Bend it Like Beckham on May 16th.

So this is absolutely splendid news to all the viewers.

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