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LinkedIn: LinkedIn Now Has An AI Which Can Aid In Your Interview Skills


David Mudd

In this digital era, most of us believe in smart work instead of hard work. Many online websites are providing online job opportunities for those who want to achieve something big in their life. LinkedIn is such a type of app that can provide you many high-paid jobs. Now, the website has an AI which can aid anyone’s interview skills.


Job-seekers are already known to this website/app. It is an American business and employment-oriented service that is available in both apps and websites. Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly along with the other three companions founded it on 28th December 2002. But now it is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.

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What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

After reading the intro part some you may wonder what this AI is. Well, it is a group of intelligent computer programs that can achieve complex goals. It can help in driving cars, suggesting jobs according to your interest, etc.

However, when LinkedIn got AI in it, it will help users in all aspects. It can help them find more jobs as well as prepare for tricky interviews. And we all know how hard it is to crack an interview when it is a good job offer.

How AI Will Help In Making User Better For Interviews?

Readers may think about how it will help in such a thing. Let me tell you how it will work. It is quite interesting because LinkedIn is going to do video introductions. In this COVID-19 situation, it is hard to get a face-to-face interview call. That’s why they came up with this idea.


But the hardest part is this kind of interview requires a lot of practice and skills. You need to convince your employer with your skills through an online conference which won’t be easy. And for this point, LinkedIn revealed its “AI-powered Interview Preparation Tool”. Users can practice here with the questions and also get feedback on their performance. The system can tell users what they need to improve for a better result.

So, this update is very helpful and even save you from tricky and tough interviews. Well, don’t waste time. Go and find your dream job now!!

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