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Line Of Duty: Why Did The Show Disappear Off Netflix?


David Mudd

The British crime drama Line of Duty has been taken off from Netflix lately. It became a sadness for all fans right now. Series one to four was available for streaming into this weekend. But now it’s gone. Why are they no longer available? The answer is that the series has been removed because of the decision from Netflix.

Netflix is terminating all licensing arrangements with Kew media distribution. They are the creators responsible for the series. Netflix was licensed for several titles from Kew Media Distribution. They made FTI Consulting as administrator for maintaining these licenses.

Line Of Duty

Reason Behind The Take Off Line Of Duty

Netflix insisted to pass the payment of FTI to ITV studios. They owned the World Productions. FTI rejected these terms from Netflix. After all, the police drama series was one of the BBC originals biggest shows ever. The fans everywhere got pretty much disappointed in this unexpected scenario. Besides, many of them expressed their sadness and anger towards the issue through twitter and other social media platforms.

Everyone knows the pain to stop in the middle of something interesting happening. After all, even celebrities showed their sadness and unhappy feeling towards this. New reports say that Netflix is now encouraging the producers to directly discuss with the Kew Media Distribution issue. However, the series is now available in Amazon Prime Video. It is happy news for those fans who already have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Line Of Duty

However, there are some other series for you if you are a fan of crime thriller series and movies. They are still available on Netflix. Some of them are Luther, Happy Valley and Bodyguard.

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