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Lilyhammer Season 4: What are the Latest Updates? Will it be Coming?


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Lilyhammer is a Norwegian criminal comedy-drama TV series written by Annie Bjornstad, Eilif Skodvin, and Steven Van Zandt. The series was directed by Simen Alsvik and produced by Agnete Thailand and Lasse Hallberg.

The series first premiered on NRK on 25th January 2012, Later, all of its episodes were released on Netflix on 6th February 2012. The show consists of three seasons with a total number of 24 episodes and a running time of 43 to 58 minutes for each episode.

The story rotates around the life of a New York gangster, he was forced by his destiny to testify to the associates of his firm, and end up risking his life. Somehow, he managed to relocate with protection to “Lilyhammer” (a town in Norway). And start his new life with a new identity.

Lilyhammer Season 4: Expected Cast Members:

The cast will remain the same in Lilyhammer Season 4 but there might be a few bit changes. The previous actors’ details are as follows:

  • Steven Van Zandt appeared as Frank Tagliano/ Giovanni Henriksen “Johnny” (Johnny is an underboss of a crime family who moves to Norway with a new identity)
  • Trond Fausa Aurvåg as Torgeir Lien (Johnny’s friend and business partner)
  • Steinar Sagen in the role of Roar Lien (Torgeir’s brother and a taxi driver)
  • Marian Saastad Ottesen acted as Sigrid Haugli (a Norwegian Language teacher)
  • Fridtjov Såheim in the appearance of NAV worker Jan Johansen (Jan was assigned to assist Johnny as an immigrant in Norway)
  • Anne Krigsvoll played the role of Lalla Hovland (Johnny’s next neighbor)
  • Robert Skjaerstad acted as Roy Aass (owner of a tattoo parlor and he was involved in various illegal activities)
  • Tommy Karlsen Sandum as Arne (a member of Roy’s biker gang)
  • Nils Jorgen Karlstad in the character of Dag Solstad (an employee of the automobile company and Johnny’s driving instructor)
  • Finn Schau in the appearance of Arve Ostli (a senior official in the police department and Lalla Hovland’s superior officer)
  • Paul Kaye as Duncan Hammer (a threatening Britisher who comes to Lilyhammer for selling an expensive car)
  • Maureen Van Zandt as Ange (Frank’s friend in New York)
  • Tony Sirico played the character of Tony Tigliano (Frank’s elder brother and church priest)
  • Bruce Springsteen acted as Giuseppe Tigliano (Frank’s brother who is a semi-retired hitman)

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Lilyhammer Season 4:Plot

Lilyhammer follows the life of a criminal (Frank Tagliano) who testifies against his associates and as a result, he threatened his life. Then he decided to leave the town and move to an isolated town in Norway with a new identity (Giovanni Henriksen “Johnny”).

Lilyhammer Season 4

While settling in, he gained the attention of a lot of people and establishes his empire. He faced problems with drug cartels, gangs, and the unexpected return of Jan.

The Fourth season will light the ways by which he saved himself from these problems and the later life of Frank Tagliano.

Lilyhammer Season 4: Ratings

Lilyhammer received a positive response from the audience and it got good ratings of 8 out of 10 by IMDb, 63 % by Metacritic, 7.7 out of 10 by Rating Graph, 83 % by Just Watch, and 4 out of 5 by Common Sense Media.

Is Lilyhammer based on a True Story?

NO, Lilyhammer is not a true story rather it is a scripted story of a New York gangster named Frank who was trying to start a new life in Lilyhammer, Norway.

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Lilyhammer Season 4: Is it happening or not?

The third season of “Lilyhammer” premiered from 29th October 2014 to 17th December 2014 on NRK.

Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled after its third season. On 23rd July 2015, Ted Sarandos (Netflix Chief content officer) confirmed in a press conference that the third season of “Lilyhammer” will be its last season.

He also said- we will not continue Lilyhammer because it has become a financially challenged deal as there is a collaboration with Norwegian broadcaster. And this hinders the exclusivity and control of the show.

Where to watch Lilyhammer season 4?

Until season 4 of Lilyhammer is released, you can watch previous episodes of Lilyhammer which are streaming online on Netflix.

You can also but Lilyhammer on Amazon Prime Video.

Ending Note:

Chances are quite less that the series will be back. Makers don’t show any interest in re-filming it. Rather they are ready to end the series. If there would be any change in the maker’s statement then we will edit the section for you. You have to wait a bit more.

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