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Lilly Pulitzer And Her Ultra Amazing Masks

Lilly Pulitzer Releases More Face Masks Designed With Their Iconic Floral and Paisley Prints

The Pretext

Lilly Pulitzer’s new reusable cloth face mask, which features five different signature prints, is finally back in stock online.

The lifestyle brand is also in the process of donating these vibrant face coverings to frontline healthcare workers and communities in need.

The Situation

Fans of Lilly Pulitzer begged the lifestyle retailer to release a reusable face mask after the brand donated more than 27,000 face masks to frontline workers in April 2020 alone — and team Lilly took note.

Now, an entire collection has been released online showcasing some of its most celebrated prints.

This is done in order to add optimism to an otherwise stressful requirement for those who leave home for work during the coronavirus pandemic.

In April and in May, fans quickly snapped up all of the available masks within just a few hours.

Now, the retailer says it’s restocked and has relaunched face mask offerings on its site as of this morning.

The End

You can now buy five different Lilly Pulitzer face masks to wear during the summer and beyond.

The current federal recommendations illustrate face masks can apparently keep communities safe.

How? Well, by stemming the spread of COVID-19 in the months to come.

The masks are sewn together with printed cloth and elastic ear straps to keep the cloth piece against your mouth.

Thankfully enough, they’re much more durable than single-use medical masks, as they’re also machine washable.

The Lilly prints which can be seen in the picture range from the “Hangin’ Around” foliage-inspired motif to two different paisley varieties.

There are five options in all, made in one size designed to fit most.

Sadly enough, you won’t be able to choose your mask’s colour or print upfront, due to high traffic in the site.

Nonetheless, you should feel good about buying multiples for family, friends, and yourself.

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