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Lil Wayne: The Rapper Breaks Off His Engagement Over ‘Ridiculous’ Reason! Click To Know Everything…


David Mudd

Rapper Lil Wayne reportedly broke off his engagement with his girlfriend. And the reason is really a bizarre one.

Lil Wayne Calls Off His Engagement

The rapper was engaged to Australian model and activist La’Tecia. But according to the reports Wayne has broken his engagement over a ridiculous reason.

Lil Wayne
Source: Daily Mail

Reportedly Lil Wayne called off the engagement because his fiance is ‘too fat’.

Yes!! You heard it right. La’Tecia’s body weight is the reason for their split. Although fans are very furious and unhappy over Wanye’s decision. Because he somehow ignored body positivity  and fat shamed his fiancee.

La’Tecia is a plus size model and she has always been an active ambassador of body positivity. And has been vocal about issues related to body shaming. But this time she became a victim of this in her personal life.

Their Relationship Timeline

The duo started dating last year. But made their relationship public in February 2020. And after that Wayne had even brought her to meet his kids and they reportedly got along really well.

The rapper had also referred to her in his two new songs. Wayne used terms like ‘wifey’ to address her. And the couple seemed to be very much in love.

But in the recent turn of events they have stopped following each other on social media. And La’Tecia has also removed her engagement ring.

Body Shaming Is A Menace

In today’s world many of us have become the victim of body shaming. Be it on social media or real world, people leave no stone unturn to pass their judgement on someone’s body size.

Lil Wayne
Source: Daily Mail

And this is really shameful. It not only hurts the victim but also affects him/her mentally. There have been severe cases where victims of body shaming have taken drastic steps like suicide. Therefore it is very important to raise awareness about body positivity.

So that people learn to accept others that way they are. And stop passing judgement on body size, skin color or race.

Together we can work and make this world a more beautiful and tolerant place to live in.

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