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Lightyear Review: Here Is What You Need To Learn Before Watching The Movie!

When Pixar released Toy Story in 1995, it would be hard to assume that the animation movie will eventually be turned into a movie franchise. Even though the movie was released almost 2.5 decades earlier, it doesn’t feel like this much time has passed. When the first movie was released, it instantly became famous and fans kept appreciating the movie for its great storyline, emotional values, and remarkable characters. Over the years, the movie has released multiple animations and sequels that comprise the story of the character. Now, we are getting closer for Lightyear to get happens. 

Pixar has always brought the difference to the people and it is seen in their animation movies. Every movie of theirs brings untouched highlights that make the movie super fascinating. there is something different in their movies that marked their utter success of them. Over the years, the sequels have continuously premiered on the screen, making everyone wonder about the possible future.

The Disney-owned animation studio is officially working on the release of their movie. With Lightyear already getting its confirmation from the officials, the movie is set to tell the story of Lightyear. In this article, we’ll be going to detail everything about the Lightyear and we will be getting to put every single piece of news about the movie.

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Lightyear Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Lightyear Release Date  In 2019, Pixar has officially premiered the fourth part of the movie. Though there were huge gaps between the release of the successive animation sequels, Pixar always brings the amazing animation of Toy Story to the people.

After the conclusion of the movie, many people started to wonder about the future of the animation movie. As the movie follows the regular pattern of successive releases of the animation movie, it was obvious to the fans that Pixar will be working on the next toy Story, 

However, besides releasing Toy Story 5 and continuing the release of the next movie, they have smartly announced Lightyear.  Pixar has broken the ongoing method of releasing the movies featuring the story and started working on the character individual movies. Fans are waiting for the release of the blockbuster animation movie. So when Lightyear is going to release? 

Pixar has officially announced the release date of the animation movie. Lightyear is officially going to release on 17 June 2022. 

The movie was already under development for the last few years and it has officially been released to the theatre. Anyone who wished to watch the movie exclusively can watch it in cinemas. However, the movie is not yet available to stream on the Disney Hotstar plus or any other streaming platform. 

It's been reported that the movie will be coming on the platform on 1 August 2022. Fans should wait for a while to watch the movie. However, we are here to give a brief review of it.

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Lightyear Review 


Lightyear is based on the life of Andy’s space ranger toy Buzz Lightyear, who has debuted in the Toy Story original movie. Over the years, the movie has successfully released its sequels and we came across the character's individual life.

Moreover, It won’t be wrong to say that Buzz Lightyear is one of the popular characters in the movie franchise and since the popularity of the character already increased among the people. Pixar decided to create a spin-off that follows the character's personal life. 

As soon as the movie starts, it begins with a bog remark. The animation and visuals are just appreciative and the movie makes you feel why it was needed to explore the life of the character. The fans, especially the kids were already excited to witness the big premiering of the movie however, the movie was not at least how they expected. 

Director Angus MacLane and co-writer Jason Headley had a vision when they created this animated movie. It was well to be said that after the release of Lightyear in the cinemas, it created a huge buzz. People were strangely surprised by the movie however, there are a majority of people who find this movie not worth watching. 

Of Course, there will be a mixed reaction from the fans since they have laid their high expectations for Lightyear. Unlike the other Pixar movies, Lightyear has a different approach. The other movie of Toy Story was completely different and nice.

However, the fans are not convinced with Lightyear. After a time, it seems like you are watching the movie without any interest. Fans complain that the movie lost its spark and it melts with today's generation. 

Another thing that generates a lot of attraction in the news highlight is how the animation mobile broadcasts the LGBTQ+ community and it has already been reported to be censored in many places. Fans are already disappointed after they find that the creators have, without any reason, pushed the gay agenda in the movie. On the other hand, many people find the movie attractive and super-amazing. 

But since the movie is originally the sequel to Toy Story, which is already known for its interesting plot, Lightyear failed to attract the audience to a wider range. There is no doubt that the story seems lengthy and boring at one point. Lightyear was supposed to be a fun movie, just like how animation movies should be made up. The character should be making the kids laugh but instead, the movie turns out to be not as funny as they assume. Lightyear is a fun character and more than today’s kids loved him for who he was. There are a massive number of adults who used to love the animated movie since it was released in 1995. The movie lacks originality. 

The key highlight of the movie is Chris Evans is the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Amy's story has not concluded and he has just come out as a sidekick in the movie. Andy is already obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and used to adore the superhero for who he was. However, in the movie, we saw the plot lacks the story majorly revolves around Lightyear. Tim Allen had voiced Andy’s toy Buzz Lightyear in the old Toy Story hits. 

Lightyear: Where Can I Watch the Movie?

Lightyear Release Date

Anyone who is waiting for the movie to get released can run to theaters. Lightyear is already released in your nearest cinemas and the audience can watch the animated movie there. Besides this, many people are waiting for the movie to hit on the streaming platform but you need a lot more time for this to happen. 

According to the officials, Lightyear will be landing on Disney Hotstar + on 1 August. So, you need to wait for a while to watch Pixar’s Lightyear. 

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Is it Worth Watching?

Lightyear is officially in cinemas and after the movie premiered, the viewer started to doubt their questions regarding the genuinely of the movie. The movie attracts a lot of highlights like the LGBTQ content. 

It's already Pride month but a huge number of people believe that the kids should be raised by nourishment and such content is not good for them. However, other people love the idea of Buzz Lightyear and appreciate Pixar for releasing the animation movie. 

To conclude, Lightyear is a fun movie but it is not up to the mark of the people. The movie loses its originality and anyone who has watched Toy Story’s all parts might be disappointed after watching it. 

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