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LiDAR: Apple Uses This Cutting Edge Tech To Enhance Depth Sensing And Augmented Reality


David Mudd

Apple’s new releases are coming with a cutting edge tech called LiDAR scanner. The latest product equipped with LiDAR is the new iPad Pro. It became available to order on Apple’s website on March 18. LiDAR sensors open a large world of possibilities for Augmented Reality. Besides, the powerful apps and features with the LiDAR make the new iPad a masterpiece from Apple.

The capabilities of using a LiDAR sensor is outstanding. It can make things happen that never been done on any mobile device. Moreover, it can measure the distance of surrounding objects along with the operational speed in nanoseconds. Both indoor and outdoor activities are perfect for functionality.


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More Details On LiDAR Scanner

Both depth measurements from iPad OS and LiDAR scanner combined with data from cameras and motion sensors. After all, the A12Z Bionic chip is also used in it for a proper understanding of the scene. The extraordinary work from all these combined. That will make the device capable of a whole new class of Augmented Reality experience.

Every application with AR compatibility will get an instant AR placement. This will ensure a large amount of improvement in people’s occlusion and capture. The latest update to the AR Kit provides a new scene geometry API. Beyond all, the power of the new LiDAR scanner will help developers to get maximum out of a scene.


Measurement apps improved a lot with the LiDAR scanner. Moreover, it will make the apps faster and easier to calculate the height of an object or a person. Besides, vertical and edge guides are available for making it more understandable to the user. After all, a ruler view is available in measure app to measure objects accurately.

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