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LG: This Is Why LG Is Scrapping Its G Range Of Smartphones


David Mudd

Without technology, we are almost useless now. From small household works to big industrial work, we need technology everywhere. Smartphones and the Internet bring the whole world within our grasp. Many big companies leading this smartphone market such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. LG is one of them. Now they are going to bring their new G range of smartphones and here is the reason behind it.

LG Electronics Inc.

LG is a South Korean multinational company, situated in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Koo-In-hwoi founded this company in 1958. But its former name was Goldstar. But after 1995 it became LG Electronics Inc. The company has headquarters in its Twin Tower 128, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul, South Korea. It provides a worldwide service in consumer electronics and home appliances.


The global sale of this company is worth around $55.91 billion. It is divided into four units. Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances, Air Solution and Vehicle Components. They are the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer. LG Inc. also has subsidiaries named Zenith Electronics. Over 83,000 people work for this company.

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Is Changing Its Strategy For G Series Smartphones

We know that it dropped their LG G8 and V50 smartphones at the same time in 2019. Now in 2020, they are set to launch the next model of V series, LG V60 ThinQ. But from peoples’ reviews, it looks like the company is going to stop manufacturing G series smartphones.

The source said that they have a new strategy for the G series. The company is going to replace the range with a new affordable series. As we know, LG was a big name in the smartphone market. But because of lacking the “x” factor, it loses its position in competition to the Chinese companies.


According to the source, LG is will bring back their LG KG800 chocolate phones. It has 4 rare cameras, a 48mp main camera, a Snapdragon 700 series chipset, a 6.7 to 6.9-inch screen along with 4000mAh battery. The main goal of the company is to lower the price tag of this phone than the G series.

However, there is no clue about when this phone is going to arrive. But it seems to take place at the end of the year which will give  LG V60 ThinQ sometime in the market.

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