Levis Girlfriend Gia Duddy: She Congratulated Him After Selection!


Riya Arya

Levis has been selected by the Tennessee Titans on Day 2 for the 33rd overall pick. Will Levis’ girlfriend Gia Duddy congratulated him via social media for being selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, since then the couple has been getting attention. Duddy was also spotted at the annual event, hosted Kansas City’s Union Station this year.

Who Is Gia Duddy?

Penn State senior Gia Duddy is a social media influencer. She is best-known to be the girlfriend of Levis and getting attention since he was selected. The couple have always been spotted in various occasions and places together. When it comes to support and expression for their love, the love birds don’t miss a chance to show it publicly.

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From Anniversy to birthday, the couple celebratr each and every occasion together. They both were seen celebrating birthday together. Levis took Instagram handle to express what does Gia Duddy mean to him. He shared a picture with him on his instagram along with a caption for her birthday.

Levis captioned an Instagram pic in August 2021 on his girlfriend Gia Duddy’s birthday, “Happy Birthday to [the] girl who has helped me become the happiest and absolute best version of myself, You never fail to put a smile on my face, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with you. Let’s crush it this year 💕.”

Levis Girlfriend Gia Duddy

How Long Have They Been Dating?

Since their love and support for each other have become part of public eye, their fans are very much curious to know about how long it has been since they are seeing each other. Levis has been dating Duddy since early 2021. Levis made their relationship public on easter day, while celebrating easter together, Levis took to Instagram and shared his relationship status with fans.

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Didn’t know I was playin cards til I pulled me a Queen 👸,” the NFL rookie wrote via Instagram in April 2021.

Duddy has always been spotted cheering on Levis at his football games.

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Levis Girlfriend Gia Duddy

Their Love Moments

In January 2022, Duddy cuddled her boyfriend after Kentucky won the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. In March 2022, they had spent special days together in Italy. In January 2023, the couple celebrated two years of anniversary together, He wrote: “2 years with this absolute G. Let’s make this one the best yet 🤘🏼❤️.”


Levis has been selected by the Tennessee Titans on Day 2 for the 33rd overall pick but what really grabbed everyone’s attention is his girlfriend, Gia Duddy, who has been supporting him throughout his journey even before he got selected. The couple have been together since 2021 and going strong each day passing.

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