Let’s talk about -Junjou Romantica Season 4

Junjou Romantica Season 4 is the best series which is based on unisexual love. It will premiere in 2021 which is a great news for all the fans.....

Junjou Romantica– liked by so many fans (including me).

Do you like Yaoi series? If yes, then keep scrolling down to read about one of the best Yaoi series named Junjou Romantica Season 4.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you”.

Before proceeding further, I want to ask a question to all the fans – Do you love someone? If yes, then mention your partner’s name in the comment box…..


In case if you haven’t seen the first three seasons of Junjou Romantica then you can check the IMDb ratings which is given below. So, don’t stop scrolling…….

Here is everything you would like to know like the plotline, the casting characters, the release date, the trailer, IMDb ratings etc. ………

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Junjou Romantica Season 4

Junjou Romantica Season 4 is based on the Yaoi series and by Shungiku Nakamura. It is produced by Studio Deen. As the last season aired (Season 3) on 8th July, 2015 all the fans (including me) are eagerly waiting to know about the 4th installment.

Here the series used 4 pieces of theme music, 2 opening themes and 2 ending themes. It is one of the best shows about Homosexual love and a routine story of 3 young couples. Junjou Romantica season 4 tries to grasp people’s attention and received appreciation also.

It is a romantic series. One of the best things about the 4th Season is that it reveals unisexual love. In this modern world, the show is also a positive sign of homosexuality where people all over the world are struggling for their rights and freedom. That’s why Junjou Romantica Season 4 becomes fan’s demand.

I am eager to know what actually happens in the 4th Season of Junjou Rmantica? Don’t you? If yes, then let’s have a look………….

The Plotline of Junjou Romantica Season 4

The 4th Season of Junjou Romantica, centers a high school student called Misaki Takahashi. To improve his chances to get admission of his own choice. He accepts the help which he get. His brother’s friend who is a popular author named Akihiko Usami teaches him.


After some time, Misaki finds that Akihiko writes about kinky stuff. The writings of author evoke some heart touching feelings in him to give a tremendous surprise…

Besides the romance story of 2 main characters, Junjou Romantica Season 4 also reveals the other two parallel stories which are based on the loving relationships of two more couples. One of the stories focuses on the relationship between university professor named Hiroki Kamijou and a pediatrician named Nowaki Kusama. Hiroki is willing to do anything for Nowaki.

Finally, the story demonstrates on the obsession of 18 years old spoilt rich called, Shinobu Takatsuki. He falls for his literature teacher. Unfortunately, he is the only thing that he can’t have…..

It’s time to know the names of the leading characters that made the series mind blowing and demanding for all the fans…..

Cast/ Characters of Junjou Romantica Season 4

  • Takahiro Sakurai as Misaki Takahashi
  • Hikaru Hanada as Akihiko Usami
  • Kōsuke Toriumi as Haruhiko Usami
  • Kishō Taniyama as Takahiro Takahashi
  • Isshin Chiba as Keiichi Sumi
  • Noriko Namiki as Eri Aikawa
  • Jūrōta Kosugi as Fuyuhiko Usami
  • Mizuki Nana as Kaoruko Usami

Above mentioned are the main characters that are to be appreciated. Only because of these main characters the show becomes heart touching for all the viewers (including me).

Let’s talk about one of the most demanding update i.e. the upcoming date or you can say when will Junjou Romantica Season 4 be on our screen?

The Release Date of Junjou Romantica Season 4

Right now, there is no announcement or notice from the Studio Denn for the premiere of Junjou Season 4. But, as per the demand and popularity of the series it has been expected that Junjou Romantica Season 4 will come in 2021.


So, for all the fans it is one of the great news. Very soon our wait will get a full stop.

Don’t you want to watch the trailer of Junjou Romantica Season 4? If you really want, then keep on scrolling…..

The Trailer of Junjou Romantica Season 4

The official trailer of Junjou Romantica Season 4 is not out yet. But I am going to show you the trailer of the 3rd Season which will help you to get some knowledge about Junjou Romantica Season 4.

IMDb Ratings of Junjou Romantica

The IMDb rating of Junjou Romantica is 7.6 out of 10. This shows the popularity of Junjou Romantica Season 4 and demand of all the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junjou Romantica Season 4?

Junjou Romantica Season 4 is one of the best series which is based on Yaoi series.

What is it about?

It is related to unisexual love.

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Final Words

Junjou Romantica Season 4 is one of the best series based on Yaoi. Properly, it is based on the real story of unisexual love. It is liked by so many fans (including me). It will premiere on our screen in 2021……