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Let Me In Movie, Cast, Plot , Review and Much More

Let Me In deals bluntly with the miserable existence of the vampire, much like the Swedish movie that served as its inspiration. All fun, games, and Team Edward are not present. Any way of existence that depends on new blood must be frantic. Like a heroin addict, a vampire is motivated by need. Everything becomes inconsequential after a certain point, and the craving takes center stage. The tone and style of the movie are strikingly similar to “Let the Right One In,” and it is obvious that American writer-director Matt Reeves admires John Ajvide Lindqvist, the Swedish writer-director of the original. Reeves is aware of the elements that made the first movie so chilling and successful, and they are also present in this sequel.

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The majority of American viewers will be hearing the tale for the first time. Those who know the 2008 version will notice certain modifications but may like them.

Let Me In Movie Cast

  • Owen, a 12-year-old bullied schoolboy, is played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. Later, Abby’s boyfriend, Chloe Grace Moretz, plays Abby, a vampire who pretends to be Thomas’ daughter. Later, Owen’s girlfriend,
  • Elias Koteas, plays a detective looking into Abby’s murders.
  • Koteas also provides the voices of Owen’s father and mother.
  • Thomas, played by Richard Jenkins, is Abby’s adult companion. Kenny, played by Dylan Minnette, is a bully who torments Owen.
  • Mr. Zori, played by Ritchie Coster
  • Jimmy Jax Pinchak plays Mark, a buddy of Kenny’s.
  • Donald, a buddy of Kenny, is portrayed by Nicolai Dorian.
  • Cashier Colin Moretz Virginia’s partner Larry is played by Dylan Kenin.
  • Kenny’s older brother Jimmy, played by Brett DelBuono
  • Chris Browning as Jack, a victim of Abby’s

Let Me In Movie Plot

The basic plot remains the same. A youngster approaching adolescence named Owen lives alone in a snowbound apartment complex with his hardly-seen alcoholic parent. At school, a larger, vicious boy bullies him. The adjacent flat is occupied by a woman by the name of Abby and her father. Even though she says, “I can never be your friend,” there is some underlying goodness in her that makes her feel protective of the abandoned and traumatized youngster. Abby is a vampire, but because of how vampires are forced to live, she may have seen enough during her long life to justify her lifestyle.

Let Me In Movie

The narrative is heavily focused on Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Abby (Chloe Moretz, of “Kick-Ass”). There are two more responsible adults: Richard Jenkins, her “father,” is barely her father and likely once stood in Owen’s shoes. He is her Familiar, according to vampire tradition.

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Elias Koteas portrays a stoic and solemn local police officer as the other adult. He is looking into a local serial killer. Serial killers must always exist where there are vampires. Other characters include the night and the cold. The movie is shot in chilly blue and grey tones, Owen and Abby have uncannily pale skin, and his breath has frost on it but not hers. We conclude that she is not feeling the cold.

Let Me In Movie Review

Both movies conclude with nighttime scenes in a pool. The windows are frigid and dark, located high under the ceiling to let in sunshine. We can see the slippery floors and chilly atmosphere in the locker area where Owen is frequently picked on. The homophobic harshness of the bullies, who refer to him as a “female,” and their apparent obsession with viewing his genitalia throw a gloomy light on the revelation of Abby’s body in the first movie. Both of these characters have sexual anxiety or inadequacy. Perhaps it’s just me, but whenever I remember indoor swimming pools at night in the winter (whether in high school or the YMCA), they’ve always had a dreadful, melancholy scent.

Let Me In Movie

Sexuality is hinted at in the “Twilight” movies. The dashing Edward is portrayed as a seductive but lethal threat who manfully refrains from having sex with Bella Swan. She is enticed, but the movies serve as cautionary tales about the risks associated with young sex. Sex is portrayed in “Let Me In” more as an intrusive invasion of privacy. For different reasons, Owen and Abby shy away from intimacy and physical contact; the only sensual activities they engage in are comfortingly close, delicate hugs.

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One can easily predict where this will end up. The next Familiar in Abby’s life will be Owen. She’ll defend him. She will protect him from a variety of things, including the necessity of maturing and acting like a typical boy. She will have complete control. Bela’s sweet masochism will consequently transform into Owen’s need to cede control. The cost of not being a victim is having to be a servant. Those anticipating a “vampire movie” will be astounded by a solid movie.

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