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Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth: How Can We Say That He Is Wealthy?



We all knew that Leonardo DiCaprio was rich, but the man is really sitting on a fortune. He has even more money than Kris Jenner, which is a lot. This makes sense since Leo’s movies have made billions of dollars around the world, he has made a fortune in real estate, and he owns a private island.

So as of Dec 2022, Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is $260 million.

Private Island

I don’t know if Leo has been lucky in real estate or if he’s just smart, but he’s done well for himself either way. He made a $10 million profit when he sold his Malibu home in 1998 for $11 million. He is said to own “dozens” of other properties worth millions. He also owns his own island in Belize.

How Much He Made From Titanic?

Here’s the thing when they star in a movie, actors get one big check, but they also get money from the movie’s sales. Which is why Leo made so much money from Titanic. Source says that Leo got $2.5 million for the movie, but he made an extra $40 million because he got 1.8 percent of the profits in the end. I repeat $40 MILLION.

Leonardo Charity Work

Leo has spent most of his career speaking out about issues related to the environment. He is on the board of directors of several organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceans 5, and others. In 1998, he also started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Source says that the producer’s foundation has given a huge $80 million to help pay for projects all over the world.

This shows Leonardo Dicaprio is Highest paid actor.

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