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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet tied the knot in 2017 in Los Angeles. Înaintea a marital union Avec Momoa, Bonet was previously married to the artist Lenny Kravitz, with whom she has a daughter, Zoe. Due to the fact that both Momoa and Kravitz were previously married to the same lady, fans have speculated about their relationship. Check out how they got along in the past and how they are getting along now.

Lenny Kravitz Wife

Bonet and Kravitz Were Married First

In the 1980s, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet first met at a New Edition concert, where they became fast friends. Kravitz was engaged to another lady at the time, and Bonet was gaining popularity on The Cosby Show as a result of his role. When the couple started dating, Kravitz’s career had not yet taken off, but it quickly gained momentum when the couple began dating. The couple tied the knot in 1987 and welcomed their daughter Zoe into the world the following year.

Their separation was finalized in 1991 and their divorce was finalized in 1993. Kravitz accepts responsibility for the separation and has indicated that he simply wasn’t emotionally prepared to get into a marriage. Despite the fact that the couple has separated, they have maintained close relations for the sake of their kid. It does not appear that there was any ill will between the two.

And Then Came Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet first met in 2005, and the two were instantly attracted to one other. Momoa, on the other hand, had a thing for Bonet ever since she appeared on The Cosby Show. The couple first met in a jazz club in Los Angeles. In the years since, they have been together every day, raised two children together, and were married in 2017.

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In interviews and on social media, the couple has gushed about one other’s qualities over the years. They are clearly head over heels in love. She has a crush on him, according to Momoa, who claims to have had a thing on her since he first saw her on television years ago. Meanwhile, Bonet claims to have discovered the love of her life in Momoa, whom she refers to as “the love of my life.”

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Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz Are Family

One would expect there to be hatred between ex-spouses, particularly when there are children involved. Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa, on the other hand, are more than just civil to one another. Kravitz confessed his love for Momoa in the best and kindest way possible in a heartfelt Twitter and Instagram post. “Happy Birthday, Jason,” Kravitz wrote in the Instagram photo. I’m honored to refer to you as my brother. “There is only one love, and there is only one family.”

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Momoa, on the other hand, is more than willing to reciprocate the affection. Mother of Pearl actor Jason Momoa has shared images of himself and Kravitz on many social media networks, and he is always polite and respectful towards them. In addition to his affection and admiration for Kravitz, Momoa enjoys a warm bond with Kravitz’s daughter Zoe and with Bonet’s daughter Ava. They have come up with some adorable nicknames for one other. Zoe refers to him as Papa Bear, and Momoa refers to her as Zozo Bear.

Talk about your blended family’s long-term objectives. This blended family exemplifies how to do it properly. There is no hostility or jealousy; instead, there is mutual respect and love for everybody. It’s possible that if every divorced spouse behaved in this manner, divorce might not be such a stressful proposition after all.

There is a great deal to be gained from these exceptional individuals. Whereas some people may find it difficult to accept the fact that their former partners have moved on, Kravitz has opted to embrace the relationship.

The fact that everyone in this family gets along is nothing short of remarkable. Kravitz’s slogan, “let love rule,” is evident not only in his music but also in his personal and professional life. Aside from that, Momoa is also prone to exhibit reverence and affection for the man who has so readily taken him into his life and refers to him as a brother.

Lenny Kravitz Wife

It’s understandable why Bonet fell in love with both of these gentlemen. Despite their heartbreakingly attractive appearances, it is evident that they both have hearts of gold. It appears that Bonet has been fortunate enough to win the lotto twice in her life.