LEGO Store Reviews: What Information Are You Looking for?


Mohit Kamboj

Welcome to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans! We are excited to provide you with reviews of the newest LEGO sets. Each month, we have a dedicated section just for this purpose. We can assist you in choosing what to buy based on our expertise. Additionally, you can also contribute to the LEGO community by leaving a review on the official LEGO online shopping website.

Why should you write a review? Not only is it helpful for other buyers, but it is also useful for the LEGO design team. reviews are taken into consideration, and they use the feedback to improve future sets.

Online reviews are not typically expected to be completely fair, full, and balanced like the assessments we provide in Blocks each month. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing a long novel. Here are five useful tips to help you make your LEGO reviews clear and brief.

Keep It Short

If you’re hesitant to write a review because of time constraints, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be lengthy with multiple paragraphs. Please be concise and focus on what you enjoyed and any areas that could be improved. One useful technique for this is called bullet-point reviews. It involves listing several points for both the advantages and disadvantages.

What Information Are You Looking for?

The purpose of a review is to share your experience with a LEGO product and help others who might be considering buying it. Consider what information you would have found helpful before making a purchase. This could be related to the time it takes to build, the level of difficulty in assembling the set, or other factors. The following points are not usually included in a product description, but they are still helpful to know.

Justify Any Negatives

Sometimes, there may be something about a LEGO set that you don’t like. Instead of simply stating that you dislike it, provide a reason or explanation for your opinion. Did you find the instructions difficult to understand? Can the finished model be easily broken during play? By giving a reason, this information will be shared with the design department, which will assist the designers in making improvements in the future. You might receive a response from a LEGO representative, which will be displayed in a bright yellow reply box.

Remember to Be Objective

When writing a review for a LEGO product, it’s important to remember that even though it’s based on your opinions, it’s still necessary to be objective. Just because you have a preference for or against a particular set, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will feel the same way. This is particularly true if you are not the intended age group for a particular collection. LEGO 4+ sets are made for young children, not for adults to judge. So, it’s important to consider the purpose and audience when reviewing them.

You Don’t Have to Do It All the Time

If you enjoy building LEGO sets frequently, there’s no need to feel obligated to review every single one of them. Writing reviews should be a fun activity, not a tedious task. Simply choose one or two sets that you either really liked or didn’t like, and write about them. Focus on the ones that left a strong impression on you while you were building, and that’s all. You can also choose to write a review only for products that haven’t been reviewed yet on the LEGO online store.

I hope these tips will motivate you to write LEGO official store reviews. Whether you prefer a quick summary or a longer paragraph, it’s a fun way to express your thoughts about a LEGO set, whether you love it or hate it.


In summary, writing LEGO reviews on the official store is a valuable contribution to the community. Blocks magazine offers tips to make the process easy and enjoyable. Keep it short, focus on key information, justify negatives, stay objective, and remember, it’s meant to be a fun activity, not an obligation. Share your thoughts and help shape the future of LEGO sets!