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Lego Movie 3- Bucket of Childhood Memories


David Mudd

“Life is a game. We must keep playing the game. The more we play, the more we will

Understand the game of life” 

Lego – a game that makes childhood awesome not only for entertainment but also for learning. Lego is such a great game that even adults enjoy playing it. And that’s the reason, there are lots of Lego movies available to watch and today, we are going to talk about “Lego Movie 3”, Lego movie 3 USP (Unique Selling Point), why you must watch Lego movie 3 and when it’s going to be released.


Okay, let me ask you something:

Do you love video games with an inspirational message? I love playing video game with a packet of snacks.

Okay, do you miss your childhood days?

Yes, I remember, I miss all my childhood days and I am sure, you too. We all miss our childhood days like playing with our self-constructed toys. After scrolling down, we can easily cover up our old memories along with updates of Lego Movie 3.

With the help of this article, you will come to know recent updates of Lego Movie 3.

The Lego Movie 3 is one of the best Danish- American media franchise. It is completely based on Lego construction toys. Lego Movie 3 was written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The movie revolves around the serious adventures of Emmet Brickowski who is a construction worker.

More entertaining thing, Lego Movie has IMBD rating of 7.7 out of 10.

Lego movie 1 & 2, both were liked by kids as well as by adults too. The best part I loved was the nostalgia that brought back the child in all of us. In other words, we can say Lego Movie 3 as a TOY STORY movie.

It is very hard for me to stop myself from writing it further. There are a lot of things I want to share with you such as storyline of Lego movie 3, casting and especially, when it’s going to be released.

Let’s start…

Storyline of Lego Movie 3 | Plot of Lego Movie 3

If you saw Lego Movie 2, then I am sure that you know that Bricksburg turned into a wasteland. This overcomes in Lego Movie 3.

In Lego Movie 3, when everyone felt stressed, Emmet tried to be oblivious. This affects his and Lucy’s relationship. However, Sweet Mayhem and Wa’nabi caught his friends. He decided to save them with the help of an adventurer named, Rex.


After some time, he came to know that Rex is the real villain as ‘Radical Emmet Xtreme’. When he tries to save all, he finds himself in his most difficult mission. At the end, both Finn and his younger sister Bianca are playing with LEGOs. They have differences but still saved Lego’s world.

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Although there have been no solid talks about The Lego Movie 3, we don’t have exact knowledge about its storyline. But we can say that it will continue with Emmet’s adventures with Lucy, Batman, Vitruvius and Unikitty.

The Lego Movie 3, would also explore Batman’s marriage with Wa’nabi. Moreover, it could have growing Finn and Bianca may lose her interest because she has teens.

Now, I am excited to know the names of all the characters in details. Hope you all (Okay, not all most of you) have the same feeling.

Cast/Characters of Lego Movie 3 | Who can be in Lego Movie 3?

  • Chris Pratt as Emmet
  • Elizabeth Banks as Lucy
  • Will Arnett as Bruce Wayne/ Batman
  • Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa’nabi
  • Stephanie Beatriz as General Sweet Mayhem
  • Alison Brie as Unikitty


We, as the fans, know that characters are the only one who is responsible for the success of any field. So, the above mentioned are leading characters that are to be appreciated.

Now, it’s time to know about an upcoming date. Don’t you feel excited to know the date? Give your favourable answer in the comment box.

When will Lego Movie 3 be on our screen? | Release Date of Lego Movie 3

After the 2nd Lego Movie, it was clear that Warner Bros will not continue with Lego Corporation to make new movies. This sadly means that Lego Movie 3 will never come on our screen.

In other words, Lego Movie 3 is not going to happen anytime in nearby days. As the franchise is working on spin-offs. These spin-offs will be released in the coming 2-3 years.

As there will be ‘The LEGO Batman movie’ in the future. But there is no confirmation about ‘The LEGO Chima movie’.

With the estimation of 5 years gap, it is expected that Lego Movie 3 will come in 2024.

I think you are eager to watch the trailer to satisfy your need up to some extents.

The Trailer of Lego Movie 3

The official trailer of Lego Movie 3 is not out yet. But I am going to share a video with you, created by one of the fans of Lego Movie 3.

With the help of the above video, you will definitely feel joyful.

Frequently Asked questions

What is Lego Movie 3?

The Lego Movie 3 is one of the best Danish- American media franchise.

What is it about?

It is based on Lego construction toys. Moreover, it tells about the serious adventures of Emmet.

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Final Words

Lego Movie 3 is one of the best media franchise. It is based on the self-constructed toys and the adventures done by Emmet to save his friends. But the disappointing thing is that we have to wait for it for a long time.