Lego Delights: A Fun and Creative Escape for All Ages


Mohit Kamboj

Every morning, I walk through my kids’ playroom to get to my home office. Along the way, I see thousands of Lego pieces. There are sets available from Lego Friends, Harry Potter, City, and Technic that are already built and shiny. My kids have used their creative minds to make monsters, structures, and vehicles without any guidelines.

Lego is a great concept that is executed well. It consists of small plastic bricks that can be used to build entire worlds, and it has been enjoyed by people of all ages for many years. Lego is a toy that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from elementary school children to adults. It’s a fun and creative activity that is safe as long as you don’t put the pieces in your mouth.

Legos Bricks Are Excellent for Kids and Their Families

In 2020, during the pandemic lockdowns, many people were feeling restless and spent a lot of time indoors doing puzzles. However, my family chose to build with Lego instead. My friend started a fun Lego club on Zoom. Every week, the kids get to participate in a Lego Masters-style challenge. After building their creations, they all get to show them off to each other. We now have two IKEA Billy bookcases that are dedicated to them.

I also enjoy playing with Lego, even when my kids aren’t around. I keep a stack of bricks on my desk to use as a fidget toy. It helps me think when I’m in boring Zoom meetings. I enjoy stacking and unstacking a small tower made of three by two bricks. It’s satisfying to hear the click sound when I separate and reassemble them. The knockoff bricks, also known as Stego according to my kids, don’t make the same sound or hold together as well.

I love giving the classic box-shaped birthday gift that looks like a Lego brick. It’s charming and comes in a tub design. The set has many bricks in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is suitable for people aged 4 to 99.

Lego bricks, similar to Magna-Tiles, are a type of educational toy that can be enjoyed as you grow. You can build things with them, take them apart, and build again, with countless possibilities. Even when a build might be challenging, they bring me peace and calm.

Lego is Interesting for Both Rule-followers and Rebels

Lego kits are enjoyable for builders of all ages. Whether you’re into skateboarding Friends or architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal, there’s something for everyone. Alternatively, they have the option to use the pieces to create something completely different and unique to them. The typewriter was invented, specifically the Lego Typewriter.

When I arrive at my desk in my home office, I am welcomed by a makeshift stage that I have created for my collection of Muppets minifigures. In the crowd, there are various characters like Homer Simpson, a toy soldier, a fairy, and even a Sig Fig that looks just like me. In my Sig Fig, I’m holding a huge pretzel. I always laugh at the diverse group of people cheering for The Electric Mayhem.

Here at Wirecutter, we have always been big fans of Lego. Our editors Joshua Lyon and Alexander Aciman have recently been working on updating our recommendations for Lego sets. We now have new guides available for Lego picks that are suitable for kids, adults, and storage. These guides are in addition to our article about the Botanicals series.

Drawbacks but Not Impossible

Lego is costly, and there’s no way to avoid that fact. However, it frequently goes on sale and is truly a long-lasting item. The phrase “lasting a lifetime” is a concern because these bricks are made of plastic. Lego talks about sustainability on their website.

You can buy used Lego instead of buying it new. I really enjoy searching through rummage sales for dirty old bricks. I like cleaning them up and finding a new purpose for them instead of leaving them in a dusty attic or basement.

However, as every parent has discovered at some point, stepping on them can be quite painful. I am cautious as I navigate through the playroom to reach my home office. What should I do when I’m building? You don’t have to worry, I can let my imagination roam without any restrictions.

Is lego Good?

Yes, Lego is considered a good product. It’s praised for its creativity, versatility, and appeal to all age groups. Despite the cost, its enduring popularity and positive attributes make it a highly regarded and enjoyable toy.