LEGO Batman Movie 2: Is It Confirmed Or Not?



The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017 and became massive, grossing $311 Million plus worldwide. It was a huge success for the creators and also for the Toy Franchise cinematic universe at that time. The LEGO Batman Movie was the most successful block toy movie of its time. 

After the success of the movie, one can think that the movie franchise will release a sequel. At Least the fans were confirmed to have Lego Batman’s sequel for sure. Even the officials have shown and teased the audience several times, making them believe that there is a sequel in production. According to the reports, Warner Bros have definitely planned a big sequel or something similar for the LEGO Batman Movie franchise but it later turned out to be something else. 

Universal Pictures has come in the midst of the production of the movie and stopped the sequel by giving the name of rights. All this chaos is making the fans shocked as the officials have already declared a  movie earlier. Even the production of LEGO Batman was started. So, what is the current status? Are we getting a movie or not? Here is everything that you have to know about The LEGO Batman Movie in detail.

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LEGO Batman Movie: Everything You Need To Know!

LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017, directed by Chris McKay. The movie was under the production of Warner Bros and was based on the superhero Batman. The movie follows the DC comic character, Batman

Moreover, the movie follows the old 90’s theme of cartoons and animation by visualizing the character in the block. As for the new generation of people, some kids and teenagers might find this animation series a little bit odd. In a world that is filled with over-the-top animation visuals and graphics. LEGO Batman is a new era show with its 19980’s vintage cartoon series but its crazy plot resembles Rick and Morty’s one. 

Marvel’s famous movie, Black Panther grossed billions of dollars when it was initially released. Black Panther was released in 2018 and the movie franchise was planning for another sequel but as the main character and our legendary hero, Chadwick died, it seems that the movie isn’t going to happen. Surprisingly, Black Panther is releasing a sequel named Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

LEGO Batman Movie 2: Is it Confirmed?

The LEGO Batman movie was released and became a blockbuster hit and the company eventually booked the series for a sequel. The report stated about the production of the movie and later reported everything is getting on the planned. 

LEGO Batman Movie

The director, Chris McKay has revealed in a tweet revealing that the movie has confirmed the script of the sequel. LEGO superfriends, which was embedded in the cover page of the script, has also teased the fans. All these things have been indicated in the renewing picture of the sequel of the animation.

As people are hoping for a sequel it got officially canceled because the rights were handed to Universal Pictures. In an interview, McKay said that the movie isn’t coming with a sequel at all. He said this by saying, “Dan Harmon and Michael Waldron had done a first draft of the script that was really great,”

He also explains that “It was truly epic… both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint. The structure was Godfather Part 2… a story about Batman’s relationship to the Justice League (and Superman) now as well as the formative moments of the Justice League (and Batman’s relationship with Superman) then.”

It is confirmed that LEGO Batman is officially confirmed by the Universal Picture.

LEGO Batman Movie: Why did the movie get Cancelled?

The LEGO Batman movie isn’t yet confirmed to release yet. Earlier, the movie released a statement stating that there will be another part for this block toy movie. But when Universal Picture acquired the right for the movie, they immediately canceled the production of it. 

Initially, Warner Bros had the rights for the production of the movie but then Universal pictured entered the game. 

The movie was stopped midway through the production and is officially canceled. There is official news that this movie isn’t getting any sequel at all.

LEGO Batman Movie: Is there any Renewal possibility?

In official news, it was later revealed that Universal Pictures isn’t planning to have any sequel for this movie. The fans aren’t satisfied with this news and are demanding another part. As the first part of the movie was already a blockbuster hit for the company, they might have renewed the series. 

But all these assumptions aren’t supported by any solid proof to comment on. Currently, there aren’t any official updates for this movie and we are satisfied that LEGO is officially confirmed. 

If there will be any renewal news for this movie then I’ll let you know. Till then, Bookmark this page to get the recent updates for the LEGO Batman movie.

Is there any Official Trailer of the movie?

The second sequel is officially canceled but you may find many videos referring to be the official trailer of this video. If you haven’t watched this video then make sure to watch the official video of the LEGO Batman movie for sure. 

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What are the Ratings of this show?

Before ending this article, let’s see what are the ratings and reviews of the people and critics regarding this movie. So far, I have read everything positive about the movie. Both the audience and critics have positively responded to the movie. The IMDb rating of the Lego Batman movie is 7.3/10. With 90% of rotten tomatoes and a 4/5 common sense rating, this movie is doing great in the eyes of critics. 

Coming to the Audience rating summary, the audience has rated 4.6 to the show. Despite being a block toy movie, taking inspiration from Minecraft games, this movie is doing great. Sadly, there isn’t any sequel to this movie.

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Final Words

The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017 and it became a fan favorite among people. It reminds the audience about the 1900’s era and their animation shows. As the movie happened to release this year but it was officially canceled. So far, there isn’t any sequel for the movie and it is officially canceled for now. 

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