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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5: Brandon Routh Reflects On His Exit From The Show


David Mudd

Fans of Legends Of Tomorrow, and especially The Atom (Brandon Routh), please don’t cry while you read this. The news is clear that Brandon Routh is going to exit the show. He just told that his final episode is also his best work till now. This means that he is bidding goodbye to the show. He is an amazing actor, and we love him as Atom. 

First coronavirus and now this, how much bad news before this year ends? We are now feeling unfortunate, this is not what we wanted this year. Nothing that happens this year was anticipated. His exit is more of a shock to his fans. We thought that there would be the next season and we will see him in it.

Legends Of Tomorrow S5

What To Expect From The Last Episode Of The Legends Of Tomorrow Feat. Brandon Routh? (Legends Of Tomorrow S5)

He, as in Brandon says that this is his best work till now. The last episode will have some rom-com moments between him and Nora. They will marry each other in the next episode. They had great fun shooting this. This was something that we knew, what we didn’t expect was, his exit. Who knew that fan favourite The Atom will leave the Legends Of Tomorrow. 


He Had A Great Time Shooting For The Show

He told that he had a great time shooting for this show. DC’s Legend Of Tomorrow has a considerable fan base and a significant part of those fans also love Brandon for his portrayal of The Atom. This guy made the character what it was. The show was excellent, and The Atom was one of the reasons behind it.

Legends Of Tomorrow S5


Fans Will Miss The Atom (Legends Of Tomorrow S5)

This character was involved in so many special moments of the show that now, it will be hard to imaging it without him. Brandon was one of the finest actors that they had on board, and now when he is leaving, we know that everyone is going to miss him. We wish that he stays that same and has even more successful career ahead. 

Now, let’s see what happens ahead in the story that eventually marks the end of The Atom in the series.

Legends Of Tomorrow S5