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Legends Of Runeterra Mobile: Release Date, Features, Gameplay


David Mudd

There’s a piece of good news for gamers. Riot Games has announced the release of Legends of Runeterrs for Mobile devices.

It will apply to all operating systems: Android and iOS. The date is fixed now. You should mark it on your calendars.

Now, the game is available to play on PCs. But the version is the beta version. So, it is not very certain when the game will be available for all the platforms.

However, for one of them, the date is announced. The others would have to wait though. Also, you don’t have to wait for the full version much as well.

It is all coming in very shortly. So, keep reading for more such updates.

The Release Date Of Legends Of Runeterra Mobile

The release date of Legends of Runetrers, the mobile game, is out now. This is going to be very exhilarating.

The makers have announced the date to be for April 30, 2020. However, you can also get the game earlier than that date.

This is the tentative release date for mobile and PC. However, the PC version will get a beta tester first. It will remain for a few days until the launch of Patch 1.0.

It is expected that the beta version lasts till April 28. ONce that Patch 1.0 is released to PC, it will distribute it to the mobile client.

So, you might get it on your Appstore and Playstore before April 30th. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

The release will, however, will be affected by the region where you’re in.

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First Look And Features Of The Mobile Game

No matter what, you’ll get the game Legends of Runeterra by April 30. It will launch everywhere so you shouldn’t worry. Now, there’s this amazing thing about this game.

You get a cross-platform functionality between your PC and Mobile. So, you can use your Riot Account to use this feature.

This way, you can share your progress across your PC and Mobile. With the launch of Patch 1.0 on April 28, you also get other things.

You will see the launch of about 120+ new cards, including a whole new region. isn’t it amazing?

More About This Game

The makers have confirmed quite some news about the game. They said that Card and champion reveals will happen before the launch.

So, you should stay hooked on for the latest updates. During the launch, your game will get about seven regions.

Also, it will get 35 champions and more than 400 sets of cards. Also, if you log in by 11:59 PM on the 7th of May, you will get an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

Make sure to use this in your favour.