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Leather Seats vs Fabric Seats: Car Interior Guide

When choosing a car, it is essential to determine the way you want the interior to look like. It is in the cabin of the car that the driver and passengers spend most of their time, and therefore the atmosphere must be as pleasant as possible. Putting aside the equipment and functions provided by the manufacturer, it is possible to discover another factor that affects the comfort of the vehicle which is the seat trim. There is an eternal dispute among motorists regarding which type of seats to choose: leather or velour. So, let’s examine this question in a more detailed way.

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  • Factors affecting the choice of material

When choosing between leather and velour material, you should pay attention not so much to attractiveness and appearance, but to usage conditions. Beforehand, it is worth checking out how the materials perform at different temperatures, as well as their ability to absorb dirt and be easily cleaned. If the temperature outside is freezing, the leather-covered seats can turn into a real torture for the driver. The only exceptions are the ones that are equipped with heating functions. This can also be referred to the cars that are stored in the heated parking lot. Fabric seat upholstery is perceived as warmer in extreme cold. In addition, it warms up faster when exposed to heat.

Another factor here is how one acts in an extreme situation. Though this rarely happens, sometimes the motorist needs to brake sharply. In some cars, leather seats do not hold a person properly during stopping. Also, with the lack of lateral support, the body can shift when cornering. With velour seats, the motorist can feel more comfortable and secure.

The third important factor is dirt. Automotive enthusiasts find it much easier to clean leather seats. Plus, moisture can be removed from such material without any problems. Leather also does not absorb odor, so the car owner is freed from the need to apply regular cleaning. Fabric interior, however, immediately absorbs any dirt. In order to remove the stain from the seat, you will have to call for dry cleaning services or buy special products. In addition, the velour interior quickly absorbs all the smells, so it can be very hard to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of the cabin.

  • Pros and cons of coan and velour seats

As for durability, both materials wear out over time. However, the fabric covering can be restored to its original condition faster and it would cost a lot less compared to the leather ones. Leather chairs are also restorable, but it would take the owner a decent amount of money, and the result is not always favorable. It is worth adding that in summer, the leather interior heats up instantly. If the car is parked under the sun’s rays, you can not touch the seat with your bare feet until at least some air penetrates into the interior. The fabric upholstery behaves more quietly in heating and almost does not cause discomfort.

Summarizing, it can be noted that velour is easier to maintain and does not bring discomfort in the summer season. Leather looks expensive, but it can take a lot of money to restore. They are temperature-dependent and can get very hot or cold, causing discomfort to the driver and passengers.The upholstery of the seats in the cabin plays an important role when choosing a car. Leather and fabric have both advantages and disadvantages in different seasons. It’s worth taking into account not only your preferences, but also the environment in which you use the car most often.

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