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David Mudd

League Of Legends: Details On The Events Being Cancelled

Over the past few weeks, many programs discontinued and cancelled due to coronavirus. Those events include charity events and musical concerts. Many artists around the world had cancelled their shows. The movie releases also got in trouble.  For the same reason, competitions of many video games were also hampered. League of Legends is one of them. They too began to move things around in terms of safety of their employees, audience, and players.

Riot Game’s commissioner of the LCS, the League of Legends Championship Series in North America issued a statement. In it, he said that all live programs and press conferences are cancelled until further notice. In brief, decisions on this are expected to be taken in mid-March. So there is still time for those who wish to participate to make a decision. They can decide to participate or not.

More In This Chain?

The League of Legends in North America is not only the one who has cancelled events. European LEC has made similar decisions. According to Riot, on-site audience and press attendance were cancelled after careful consideration of safety facts.

Besides, LEC has recently relocated the finals from Budapest to Berlin. It’s done with the intent of retaining the audience. But, it is not possible in the new situation. Riot plans to go on with the leagues in North America and Europe. They are now hoping that the employees and teams will stay healthy. Fans around the world are waiting for more announcements.

Above all, League of Legends Players is aware of the current situation. In conclusion, they are involved in keeping people healthy. The leagues in Korea and China were already cancelled. LCS is still working to determine whether to continue the spring finals as planned.

They Are Not The Only Ones Affected.

They are not the only game that facing these problems. Besides, some other games like Mortal Kombat 11, Overwatch, Dota 2, etc. These are just a few of them that cancelled events. Some decided to conduct events without a live audience.

People behind all these programs are looking forward to making it happen healthily. Above all, everyone awaits good news by destroying corona. It concludes the fact that many of the events will be held behind closed doors. Besides, Most of the companies are going to launch their products online.