Leading Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency Using an Android Phone


Sandeep Singh

People are comparing cryptocurrency with a gold mine as it is helping people make a hell of money without putting in any special efforts. An optima investment with utter patience can offer cryptocurrency users and investors immense profits. Visit to get a detailed analysis of Bitcoin trading. The cryptocurrency market comprises different methods with massive profit potential and is viable just from Android devices. Here are the top ways to make money with bitcoin using an android phone.

What is Cryptocurrency, and How Does it Operate?

Cryptocurrency is a trustless monetary system that users can utilize to trade, buy and sell virtually. The digital currency market is flooded with new entries, but bitcoin remains popular. The prominent cryptocurrency operator is famous as a blockchain, and this blockchain is correspondingly decentralized.

The cryptocurrency was a new business opportunity for everyone earlier; people started to make money with virtual currency mining. But now, cryptocurrency mining seems like an exceedingly expensive venture, and it demands massive investment capital. Here are leading ways to make money with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using an android device. These methods are not freebie pathways as all of these method demands some capital investment in cryptocurrencies.


Lending is a very familiar concept in the traditional banking system as people make money by earning interest whenever they lend money to someone. Financial organizations have acquired massive turnovers by lending money to people in recent times. Since cryptocurrency is also a form of money, lending is also present in virtual currency.

Lending and Staking are two different phenomena. In lending, you don’t lock up your investment capital for a definite period, but in Staking, you lock your capital for a definite period. Play store has listed numerous cryptocurrency exchanges offering the lending feature. Famous digital currency exchanges offering this feature are Salt lending, Block Fi, and many more.

Block Fi is not merely a cryptocurrency exchange but has also released its debit card services. The bitcoin debit card of this company offers massive returns to the users at every transaction. The lending agreement comprises only individual parties and no other financial organization in the cryptocurrency community. The lending agreement is executed in the form of a smart contract.


To trade digital currencies, you need a typical cryptocurrency exchange, and there is numerous digital currency exchange that runs on an android device. The few popular cryptocurrency exchanges structured for active cryptocurrency trading are Binance and Coinbase. Binance is one of the famous exchanges in terms of active trading as this exchange also offers the feature of leverage.

Binance futures is one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency community right now, as people have made plenty of money with this concept. Trading is an optimal way to earn money with cryptocurrencies using an android device in the short term.

Trading is not about luck, and a trading journey with profits demands an optimal knowledge of the cryptocurrency market; a trader must know how to read price charts. In addition, the predictability of a cryptocurrency trader in terms of highs and lows should be accurate; otherwise, there is no point in losing money in virtual currency trading.

There is numero to nourish your trading skills. Popular methods to embrace trading skills include spreading trades in different cryptocurrencies, mitigating the trading fees, and practicing demo trading in demo accounts given by virtual currency exchange. A trader must know how to use technical analysis for better trading calls. Since cryptocurrency exchanges are equipped with some automated features, you can stop losses.


As discussed above, both Staking and lending are different from each other. Staking means locking cryptocurrency investment in a staking pool for a definite return on the investment per annum. In proof of stakes, the stakeholder acts as the validator and has permission to mine. Cryptocurrency exchange comprises many staking pools, but you should pick the pool offering a handsome return in a lesser locking period.

The above portion explains some leading ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. Favorite ways to earn money with digital currencies are trading, mining, Staking, lending, and holding.