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Latest Top 10 Movies 2022: Catch The Latest Best Movies Here!

Hollywood is looking forward to a new normal in 2022, after a year of absolute lockdown and a year of limbo.

In the wake of Warner Bros.’ decision to stop their contentious policy to simultaneously release all of its new films on HBO Max and in theatres, the time between theatrical release and availability on streaming services has narrowed throughout the industry, averaging 45 days.

Prioritizing streaming content over theatres is even more important for Disney, which has led US box office for seven of the previous 10 years; they now consider cinemas to be a “legacy platform.” This year’s Best Picture winner may come from one of Netflix’s or Apple’s slates.

However, it is certain that the COVID-19 epidemic (hopefully) diminishes, and MoviePass will return, but one thing is certain: 2019 will not be going back.

The pandemic-induced lull in new releases appears to be over, regardless of where or how viewers choose to watch movies. New releases from large and boutique studios alike are planned in 2022, with a continuous stream of exciting cinema that was put on hold due to safety concerns returning to the schedule.

You may be familiar with the word “elevated horror,” but you should also get familiar with its close relative, “silent sci-fi.” “After Yang” is a character drama focusing around a father who endures an extraordinary loss when Yang, a realistic robot meant to connect his adoptive daughter to her Chinese background, abruptly shuts down.

While he searches for a solution to fix him, he and his family are compelled to consider Yang’s role in their lives and investigate Yang’s inner life, which he decided to keep hidden from them. All of this occurs while he is trying to find a solution to fix him.

Do not be deceived by the film’s PG rating; it is in fact an adult picture that is sensitive, gentle, and exquisite, and it ruminates on issues of memory, intimacy, and identity. The film is titled “After Yang.”

Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Justin H. Min are among those featured in the film.

Director: Kogonada

Runtime: 101 minutes

Rating: PG

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86 percent

  • Belle

Latest Top 10 Movies 2022

The story of “Belle” centres on a young woman named Suzu, who is a gifted lyricist but has been unable to sing at a higher pitch since since the passing of her mother. When Suzu enters onto the futuristic social media network known as “U,” she is immediately transformed into “Belle,” a bewitching vocalist who explodes onto the scene overnight and becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

As Suzu works to reconcile the two sides of herself, she finds herself captivated by an infamous online prizefighter who has a monster virtual avatar. Suzu’s goal is to bring these two sides of herself together.

The anime musical “Belle,” which had its debut in Japan and on the festival circuit in 2021, did not make its way to cinemas in the United States until January 2022, despite receiving widespread acclaim from critics.

“Belle” is ostensibly a modern retelling of the traditional fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” for the social media age, but it offers a lot more to its audience than simply the recognisable rhythms of its original source material.

Both the real world and the virtual reality of the Internet are depicted in “Belle” using two distinct but equally stunning forms of animation: painterly traditional animation for the real world, and eye-popping cell-shaded CGI for the virtual reality of the Internet. “Belle” is both traditional and cutting-edge contemporary in equal measure.

Starring: Kaho Nakamura, Ryō Narita, Shōta Sometani

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Runtime: 121 minutes

Rating: PG

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 95 percent

  • Emergency

“Emergency” is the result of combining a college buddy movie with a thriller and seasoning it with a dash of social criticism to give it some bite. The intentions of a couple of college seniors who intend to become the first Black students to finish a famed bar crawl on their campus are derailed when they discover an unconscious white girl who is suffering with alcohol poisoning in their living room. The girl’s condition is life-threatening.

They are certain that alerting the police would only result in them being jailed (or even worse), so instead, they set out on an increasingly difficult journey to transport her to the hospital on their own.

The film “Emergency” illustrates the ways in which systematic racism enhances the risk and difficulties of life for Black Americans, and a spoonful of stoner humour helps make the medicine go down easier.

RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sebastian Chacon are among the starring cast members.

Carey Williams is the director.

Runtime: 105 minutes

Rating: R

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 95 percent

  • Emily The Criminal

Latest Top 10 Movies 2022

A generation that is burdened by debt and denied full-time employment is struggling to make ends meet in the “gig economy,” which was the inspiration for the criminal thriller “Emily the Criminal,” which was written in the present moment.

Aubrey Plaza plays as Emily, who juggles multiple menial jobs with combined income that can’t make a difference in her college loans. When provided with the potential to make a lot of money fast, Emily becomes a “dummy shopper,” maxing out cloned credit cards and reselling the transactions on the black market.

The tale of a scoundrel who has bad luck and gets into some serious trouble has been told before, but “Emily the Criminal” has such a contemporary twist that it can’t be ignored.

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, Megalyn Echikunwoke

John Patton Ford was the director.

Runtime: 95 minutes

Rating: Unrated Not Rated

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 92 percent

  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

During the COVID-19 era, a handful of feature films known as “locked room” productions were made. These movies had a small cast and were shot in a remote area in order to limit the expenses and hazards associated with filming during a pandemic. The play “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande,” which is really a two-person play and takes place almost exclusively within a hotel room in London, stands out within this accidental genre.

Here, Emma Thompson plays a retired ethics teacher who employs a young sex worker to help her rebound after decades of unfulfilling sex with her late husband. This entertaining, dialogue-driven comedy never seems weighed down by the intellectual discourse that takes place throughout, despite the fact that it is obviously a polemic in favour of legalising sex work.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack are among those featured in the film.

Director: Sophie Hyde

Runtime: 97 minutes

Rating: R

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97 percent

  • Jackass Forever

Latest Top 10 Movies 2022

Who could have predicted that “Jackass Forever” would emerge as the year 2022’s first film to be hailed as a genuine critical darling? In the long-awaited fourth part of the film series that is based on the MTV prank programme of the same name, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest of the crew are shown once again tormenting their bodies with complex pranks and dares.

The catch is that this time around, they are in their middle years!

Sincerity is the linchpin of this movie’s popularity with reviewers (apart from the fact that the film critics of today were the viewers of “Jackass” 20 years ago), which is the main reason for its critical acclaim.

In spite of the heightened threat to their health, Knoxville and company continue to do risky and unpleasant parts simply because they like making each other laugh, and in their opinion, there is nothing funnier than what they are doing now.

And now, they get to share their legacy with a new generation of comedians who grew up seeing them toss rubber balls at each other’s genitals and thinking, “Someday, that’s going to be me.” These comedians grew up watching them and saying, “Someday, that’s going to be me.”

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius are among those included in the cast.

Jeff Tremaine is the director.

Runtime: 96 minutes

Rating: R

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86 percent

  • KIMI

“KIMI” is a suspense film that feels very present while being set in the past. Angela, the character that Zoe Kravitz plays, is a programmer whose job it is to manually review communications that have been garbled or misunderstood between an electronic assistant called KIMI (which is modelled after Alexa) and its users.

Angela has a difficult task ahead of her when she discovers an audio recording of a horrible crime and needs to find a way to get the recording into the proper hands without letting the criminals know about it.

However, there is an additional obstacle to overcome: the COVID-19 epidemic is in its latter stages, and Angela suffers from acute agoraphobia. “KIMI” utilises the unique stresses of the present day, from the anxiety of being constantly surveilled to the social and economic tumult that was inflamed by the pandemic, in order to create a short, sweet hour and a half of intrigue and action.

This is accomplished by using “KIMI’s” title character, who is a young woman who is constantly being watched.

Starring: Zoë Kravitz, Byron Bowers, Rita Wilson

Director: Steven Soderbergh

89 minutes long. Mature audience only. Rating: R

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93 percent

  • Resurrection

“Resurrection” is a nail-biting psychological horror thriller that will make its world premiere at Sundance before reaching cinemas and streaming services later in 2022. Star Rebecca Hall turns in one of the first truly outstanding performances of the year in this picture.

Margaret, who is portrayed by Hall, is a businesswoman and a single mother who appears to have everything under control in her life — that is, until a strange guy from her past reappears and puts her into a tailspin of all-consuming dread.

What is it in his presence alone that strikes such fear in people? You will have to investigate this on your own because we are not going to reveal any information. The sincerity with which Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth sell the film’s odd and revolting turns may make them linger in your mind for a significant amount of time after you have done watching it.

Grace Kaufman, Rebecca Hall, and Tim Roth are among the cast members.

Andrew Semans is the director.

Runtime: 103 minutes

Rating: Unrated Not Rated

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85 percent

  • Scream

Latest Top 10 Movies 2022

In 1996, filmmaker Wes Craven and writers Kevin Williamson released “Scream,” in which a gang of adolescents are chased by a slasher-obsessed killer. This fifth “Scream” sequel confronts the trend of the “requel,” in which “legacy characters” transmit the mantle to a new generation. “Scream” is a fascinating horror “whodunnit” with thrills and giggles in equal measure. “Scream” may be a starting point or a satisfactory finish to a horror franchise.

Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

114-minute runtime

Rating: R

76% Rotten Tomatoes

  • The Worst Person In The World

“The Worst Person in the World” was released internationally last year and made reviewers’ best-of lists for 2021. Since it didn’t visit North American cinemas until February 2022 (after we’d prepared our “Best Movies of 2021” list), we’re sneaking it into this year’s superlatives.

“The Worst Person in the World” is a “anti-romantic comedy” about a woman’s journey in and out of love as she figures out her life. “Worst Person” is a refreshingly honest and non-judgmental look at the millennial predicament. Best International Film nominee.

Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum

Joachim Trier

128-minute runtime


97% Rotten Tomatoes

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