When Does the Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Series Plan to Premiere on Our Screens?



After the recent launch of the first season, “Naija’s Last One Laughing” has sparked discussions among viewers regarding its successful foray into the comedy genre. It’s worth mentioning that the audience is eagerly anticipating further details about the upcoming second season, especially regarding its plot and developments.

Through this article, I have delved into each and every intricacies associated with the speculations as well as rumors about the release date of Last One Laughing Naija Season 2. Are you one of those who wants to know the truth behind the curtains about the renewal or cancellation of the series?

Then, you just have to read this article completely to the end in order to know the valuable and insightful knowledge about Last One Laughing Naija Season 2. Let’s dive into it and find the answers to your all queries and doubts regarding releasing of Last One Laughing Naija Season 2.

An Overview of Last One Laughing Naija Season 2

Here is the basic information about Last One Laughing Naija Season 2, before proceeding Further detailed information is given in this article below, take a look at it. Maybe it will be helpful for you somewhere.

Season Title Last One Laughing Naija
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 6 (Season 1)
Status Season 1 End
Genre Comedy Series
Stars Onyebuchi Ojieh, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori,
Okey Bakasi
Production Livespot 360
Country of Origin Nigeria
Origin Language English
Available Languages English
First Season Aired On July 14, 2023 (Nigeria)
Second Season Aired On TBA
Run Time N/A
Available On Prime Video

Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Be Streamed on Screens?

If you are a die-hard fan of series or movies like The Old Man Season 2  then you should have to defiantly go to watch Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 but, sadly there are no official announcements declarared in the view explaining the renewal or cancellation status of series.

Last One Laughing Naija season 2

The production house of the series has put their viewers in condition whether they will get hurt or excited because of the renewal or cancellation decision which was made by only producers! It all depends on the viewers so fans should not be anxious about anything. Till the news has strived, do not let boredom hit you, watch the Quarterback series today!

Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Cast and Characters: Who Will Be in It?

As I have mentioned above the Last One Laughing Naija season 2, still has not declared any new judges or any new contestants. You have to wait for a little longer for a well-known and talented actor to come back. Well, it can be anticipated that if the show is renewed then it will have the same judges and rules but the contestants are different as they bring a whole new spice.

Escape reality and immerse yourself in a gripping tale of A Perfect Story  that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Grab your popcorn!

Here is the list of last season’s cast and characters, just take a look at them. 

  • Onyebuchi Ojieh
  • Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori
  • Okey Bakasi
  • Basketmouth
  • Maryam Apaokagi
  • Sabinus
  • Bethel Njoku
  • Oluwatoyin Albert Tomama
  • Igosave
  • Tony Ereku
  • Acapella

The Storylines of Last One Laughing Naija Season 2

“Last One Laughing” has evolved into a highly acclaimed comedy series with a substantial international following. The show presents an engaging concept where two comedians engage in a comedic showdown as we can see in Netflix’s Rough Diamonds Season 3, attempting to outwit each other with their jokes while maintaining a straight face.

The ultimate goal is to see who can withstand the laughter the longest or, conversely, make their opponent crack up first, securing victory in the process. The renowned actor and comedian, Basketmouth, took the helm as the host of the debut season of the comedy show known as “Last One Laughing Naija,” a production that marked its introduction to the Nigerian entertainment scene.

The inaugural season of this show was unveiled in July 2023, signaling the culmination of a period of development and anticipation within Nigeria’s comedy landscape. You can watch the Lucifer series which is similar to Last One Laughing Naija season 2 so far!

Last One Laughing Naija season 2

Where to Watch Last One Laughing Naija Season 2?

The Last One Laughing Naija series has found its streaming home on the Prime Video platform. If you are planning to watch the series then, go for it! as it is one of the highly recommended and anticipated series of Prime Video.

But, keep in mind that the Prime Video platform is paid which means you have to pay some amount of money for its subscription monthly or yearly plans as per the choice. In return this allows us to watch any series without any interruptions.

The Current Ratings of Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Release Date

The Last One Laughing Naija series has garnered a positive rating just because of its heart-whelming scenarios played by good-looking, talented, and well-known cast and characters as well as captivating storylines on various different Official rating platforms such as

Audiences have praised the series for its ability to captivate and immerse them in its world, leaving them eagerly awaiting each new episode. Critics have lauded its exceptional writing, outstanding performances, and the way it pushes the boundaries of storytelling in the medium.

Final Verdict

In the crux, The fans are eagerly awaiting for the series to strive on the screens but it all depends on the directors as well as the show owners. We can not judge anything without any officially announced confirmation.

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