Lance Blanks Cause of Death: What Happened to Lance Blanks?


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Lance Blanks Cause of Death: Sports are one of the ancient sources of entertainment. There are many sources that reveal that sports were in the medieval period also. There are many sports that are played throughout the world like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, and Basketball.

After Cricket and football, basketball is the sport that is popular among millions of people. It captivates and thrills the audience with its fast speed and high-flying actions. Basketball players capture the heart of people with their talent, dedication, and skills. But when our favorite ideals and personalities untimely pass, it leaves us with a feeling of sadness.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life, career, and death reason of a prominent player Lance Blanks.

Early Life of Lance Blanks

Lance Blank Cause of Death

Born on September 9, 1966, in Del Rio, Texas U.S., Lance Blanks was a successful NBA player who died on May 3, 2023. His father  Sid Blanks was also a former AFL/NFL player according to Wikipedia. He belonged to a family of sportspersons.

His cousin Larvell Blanks was also a former Major League Baseball infielder. Daughter of Blanks Riley Blanks was also a tennis player at the University of Virginia.

What Happened to Lance Blanks?

One of the most successful and extraordinary players Lance Blanks died on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. The news about the death of the NBA player Lance was disclosed by the league on Thursday afternoon.

Even Joe Dumars, a former Detroit Piston and current NBA executive, also posted about the demise of Blanks.

What is The Cause of the Death of Lance Blanks?

Lance Blank Cause of Death

Former Texas player and executive Lance Blanks who died on Wednesday was an NBA player. The player was anticipated to be healthy before the death. His fans are getting curious to know the reason behind his death, although the reason or cause behind his death is not known yet. Neither anyone of his family members nor any executive disclosed the reason for his death till now.

We will update this article if we get to know any information in this context.

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Tributes To Lance Blanks

The league announced the demise of the prominent player by a tweet.

Check out the official link of the tweet by the league.

Current NBA executive, Joe Dumars paid tribute to Lance Blanks and shared some words for him. He said that “Lance was a light for all those who knew him. It’s been a privilege to have called him one of my closest friends.

I’m eternally grateful for all the support he has shown me throughout the years. His legacy will be carried on, not only by his family but by all those whose lives he touched for the better. You will be dearly missed, brother.” according to Yahoo.

His daughter Riley Blanks Reed, one of Blanks’ two daughters, shared her heartwarming feelings for his loving father “My dad was my person. He was my teacher, my idol, my best friend. “The love I have for him is simply immeasurable.

He carried his family and friends on his selfless shoulders and he was the wisest man I’ll ever know. The path ahead is dark without him but he once told me that he trusted my sister and me to carry the torch of our family’s legacy. And we will.”

The Career of Lance Blanks

Blanks started playing football when he was in College. He played at the University of Virginia and the University of Texas at Austin. He joined into Texas Athletics Longhorn Hall of Honor in 2007 according to Wikipedia. He ended his career in Texas. Lance scored the highest number of points among two-year players and is ranked the eighth player among the leading scorer at the University of Texas.

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