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Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship? What is the Reason Behind Their Split?

She was once a well-known p**nstar in her own right. Up to this point, she's worked on commercials for Playboy, as well as personal videos for a variety of other people. Lana, a 2017 film, also has her as a supporting character.

As well as a digital producer and influencer, Rhoades is now a co-host of the 3G1K podcast, alongside Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Rhoades said in July 2021 that she had previously planned to start a podcast, which she will do so. The 3G1K podcast featured a discussion with Rhoades about her p**n trade experiences as well as some of the riskiest scenarios she has been requested to capture.

As well, she's opened up about her 18-year marriage and the men she's dated throughout the years.

Lana Rhoades Boyfriend


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The influential Mike Majlak is one of Rhoades' most recent lovers, and he is one of his most recent lovers. Before they bought the property together in January 2020, there had been an on and a relationship between the two of them, which they discussed.

Logan's Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Logan and his family. Rhoades was referred to them by Paul, who just featured on their podcast, Spontaneous, to talk about her time spent in juvenile detention as a teen.

The pair experienced a temporary separation in October 2020 as a result of false claims. Rhoades continued to follow Majlak's YouTube vlogs even after they ended their relationship.

Is Lana Rhoades still in a relationship with Mike Majlak?

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship?

Majlak maintained that the failure of the GTA was not a contributing cause to its dissolution. Consequently, a big number of people are expecting this outcome as a result of these circumstances.

Majlak asserts that the two situations did not seem to be connected in his opinion. He is certain that the vast majority of people are completely uninformed of the gravity of his situation.

This did not stop him from employing the term “toxic sludge” to describe his feelings.

Despite the fact that the couple separated, it appears that their personalities were not compatible. The fact that Majlak and Rhoades disagree on a certain subject is not uncommon in their relationship.

In his subsequent statement, Majlak stated that he has no ties to Rhoades that might be seen as criminal. He appreciates her and wishes her and her family the best of luck in their future endeavors. The couple ended their relationship in 2021 and parted ways.

She should look for a partner who will make her feel comfortable and at ease.

It was established to him that making a breakup video was impossible, and he proclaimed that this was his final public debate on the matter.

Why did Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Split?

Lana Rhoades has finally spoken out about her separation from Mike Majlak, the social media power couple, more than two months after they announced their separation.

Lana and Majlak were in a relationship that was on-again, off-again for the course of their partnership. After a few days apart in October, the two were reunited after a few days apart in September.

Although many different hypotheses have been advanced as to what caused the couple's separation in February, Lana has now shared her side of the tale.

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Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship?

Majlak's Grand Theft Auto Online sessions were the topic of debate once more this week. His broadcasts saw him “demolish the fourth wall” by assaulting women who were playing role-playing games on Role-Playing servers.

Even while this “traumatized” Lana at the time, it was not the key factor in her choice to continue.

Moreover, he was not fired because he was “inappropriate with other women” in his real-life interactions with women. Eventually, according to Lana, they came to the decision to live together.

After just over two months of being apart, they had no intention of rekindling their relationship at this point.

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