Lakers Rumors: Could L.A. Make Moves Sooner Rather Than Later?



The Lakers are Coming back!

The Los Angeles Lakers have a match against the Utah Jazz, for the second time in 4 days. During the last matchup, the Jazz started to work and dominate the Lakers late to get away with a 130-116 victory. 

Along with this, LeBron James was injured with the Lakers, out with a sore foot, hurting himself. 

In an interview, he said the Lakers fell to the Jazz, “The Lakers are very much putting feelers out there. Trust me. It would not surprise me if they get waxed tonight without LeBron in Utah, they fall to 2-8, and they cannot afford to get away [from] them, especially without their draft pick this year. There will be some movement, I think, shortly. I’m not gonna specify as to who, because I know better than that, but if they lose this game tonight, you better keep your Woj bomb alerts on.”

The Lakers lost heavily to James. It was unfortunate that the team did not have him on the team. According to the sources, the Lakers couldn’t even beat the Jazz at home. 

L.A. team vice president of basketball operations, Rob Pelinka is working on the team. We know Thanksgiving is going around. Given how much the team has struggled to generate competitive offense in its 2-7 start. People started to look for winning.