Lainey Wilson Weight Loss: Did She Use Any Scientific Method To Lose 70 Pounds?


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Lainey Wilson is a country music star. She is currently gaining popularity for her weight loss journey. Wilson performed from an early age, and then went to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career as a country performer.

She is currently into limelight after losing weight. With multiple of helps and correct guidance, she has lost 70 pounds. Do you want to witness her journey and the secret behind her healthy diet? Let’s continue reading to know Lainey Wilson Weight Loss.

Lainey Wilson Biography

Lainey Wilson is a well-known country music singer and songwriter from the United states. She learned music and has been performing since a very young age. She then moved to Nashville, Tennessee to become a singer.

Tougher was her first album released in 2014 under the Lone Chief label. After releasing an EP, she was picked up by BBR Music Group in the year 2020. There have been many rumors circulating that claim her to be gay. What do you think about it? Have you heard about this rumor before? Is Lainey Wilson Gay? Well, let us remind you that she is currently dating a man.

Lainey Wilson Weight Loss

How Did She Lose Weight?

Lainey Wilson had been struggling with weight issues since she was 18. She has opened about weight loss journey. Wilson is reported to have lost around 70 pounds by following a healthy diet and exercise. She began it in 2020, with a goal to lose 165 pounds. She hired a personal trainer to help her in this journey.


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She has started drinking more water, and avoided drinking sugary drinks, she stopped drinking coffee and started drinking tea instead. She started eating less processed food and more fruits, veggies, and protein. Wilson stated in January that she usually works out for an hour each day, six to seven times a week, with Sundays off.

Did She Use Any Scientific Method To Lose Weight?

Wilson used the Mayr Method, a diet created by Austrian scientist Franz Xaver Mayr, in order to maintain her health. She went to the Vivamayr Resort in Austria, it is a high-end medical detox and health center. It basically treats digestive problems with acupuncture, probiotics, and herbal medicine.

Wilson has always struggled to follow the journey of weight lose. she found it a stressful job. However, with hard work and honesty, she starting working on her physical health as well as mental health. She began working by overcoming unnecessary stress and then built a healthy routine.

Lainey Wilson Weight Loss

The Food Diet She Followed

No doubt, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, food plays crucial role. Wilson has successfully managed to lose 70 pounds. Talking about her food diet, in the morning, Lainey eats scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. For lunch, she prefers yogurt and salad. She also eats grilled chicken and mayonnaise-based sauces. Wilson completely avoids junk food.


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Lainey drinks lots of water and avoids sugary drinks and packaged snacks. She prefers to have fruits and vegetables. She also prefers tea over coffee. She follows enough protein for her body.

Early Years of Lainey Wilson

Wilson was raised in Baskin, Louisiana. Her father Brian was a farmer and her mother Michelle was a school teacher. She developed interested in music at a young age. At the age of nine years old, she attended a performance of the Grand Ole Opry, “I just remember looking up there, being like, ‘Man, I wanna do that’,” she shared.

She learned chords from her father and she was soon writing songs by her preteen years. In 2006, she released an EP on Myspace titled Country Girls Rule.

When She Thought of Quitting The Show

In 2022, Wilson’s father, Brian Wilson went through several health issues and a stroke and a fungal infection and this, his left eye was removed during Wilson was filming her first season on “Yellowstone.”


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That is when the singer decided to quitting the show. However, her father encouraged her to continue filming despite going through various health issues. He recovered and was seen with her on the red carpet at the 56th CMA Awards.

Who Is She Dating?

In May 2023, Wilson was confirmed to be in a relationship with ex-NFL quarterback Devlin Duck Hodges. He is a former American football quarterback who has also played college football at Samford, after playing at Mortimer Jordan High School.


Lainey Wilson is a country music star. Lainey Wilson had been struggling with weight issues since she was 18. Wilson is reported to have lost around 70 pounds by following exercise, good food habits and Mayr Method, a diet created by Austrian scientist Franz Xaver Mayr. She is indeed inspiring many who seek to lose weight.

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