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Laine Hardy Net Worth: His Age, Career, Family and More (Latest Updates 2022

In 2022, I’ll disclose an eye-opening piece of information regarding his incredible life and lifestyle, including Laine Hardy’s net worth and a slew of other shocking data. Are you anticipating something? Therefore, let us begin by breaking the ice.

Laine Hardy is a vibrant and young self-taught American vocalist from Livingston, Louisiana. He is a well-known singer who was the winner of the 17th season of American Idol. His musical genres include country rock, southern rock, pop-rock, and anthem rock, and he typically performs with a guitar.

Laine has grown in popularity throughout the world, which he owes to his diligence and commendable efforts. Laine Hardy’s net worth is currently $1.5 million, and is likely to double in the near future.

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Quick Facts / Wiki

Laine Hardy’s Youth

Laine was born in the United States of America on September 12, 2000. Barry Hardy is her father, and Cindy Lou Hardy is her mother. He has an elder sister, Brittany Banta, and a younger brother, Kyle Banta. His father is a builder and his mother is a real estate agent.

He had his early education at a high school and graduated in 2018. He formed a band with his cousins and friends at the age of fourteen (14), and they all played guitar at various restaurants and bars.

Laine Hardy Net Worth & Career

Laine Hardy has had a passion for music and singing since he was a child. He began his professional career at the tender age of seven, when he was taught to play guitar by a shopkeeper. He formed his band in 2016, together with his brother Kyle, cousins, and friends. “The Band Hardy” was the moniker of his crew. They used to perform their songs in cafés and restaurants.

Hardy attempted to become America’s sixteenth idol in 2018. (by The Band of Heathens). He advanced to the final round but was unable to qualify, and thus was eliminated. Then she returned to American idol season 17 but was not a contestant. He was there to lend a hand to a pal.

The judges were still captivated by his previous performance, and he was invited to sing once more. He did significantly better than he had previously and was awarded a ticket to the Hollywood round. He wowed the judges in each subsequent audition he gave and advanced to the top five contestants.

He sang Ray Charles’s “I Don’t Need a Doctor” and Johnny B. Goode’s “Johnny B. Goode” (Chuck Berry). He quickly garnered popularity after qualifying for the 17th season. In May 2019, he released his coronation song, “Flame.” He also performed a rendition of “Life Is A Highway” on American Idol in April 2020.

Status of Relationship:

He is still single. Laine Hardy is not dating anyone in 2022, according to recent records.


Laine Hardy is a twenty-one-year-old man.


His weight is 68 kilogrammes (149 pounds).


He stands at 172 centimeters/5’8″ feet tall.

Laine Hardy’s Net Worth

Laine Hardy is a well-known vocalist in the United States. He is extremely dedicated to his career and works really hard to get both fame and fortune. Laine Hardy’s net worth is currently $1.5 million and is steadily expanding.


Laine Hardy is a successful musician who gets money through singing and social media platforms. He has 584K Instagram followers and 164K YouTube subscribers, indicating that he earns a lot of money.

How much money does Lain Hardy earn on a daily basis?

Laine earns a fortune from his singing career and has done so at a relatively young age. He has not, however, reported his daily earnings.

How much money does Laine Hardy earn on a monthly basis?

The amount he earns per month is unknown. However, his revenues from YouTube during the last 30 days range between $591 and $1688.

How Much Money Does Laine Hardy Earn Per Year?

His annual profits from YouTube alone exceed 13472 dollars. He earns approximately $753 per YouTube video. He is a well-known vocalist who earns a good living from his career.

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It is prudent to bear in mind that these are approximate statistics and values.

Laine Hardy’s Interesting Facts:

  • We’re going to tell you some intriguing facts about Laine Hardy in this section.
  • On his back, he has a large tattoo. It includes his surname, “Hardy.”
  • Laine Hardy initially lacked confidence in his voice and abilities, and he took to the woods to train for his auditions.
  • Laine purchased his first guitar from Walmart when he was seven years old.
  • Elvis Presley is his hero.
  • He is a quarter Korean because his maternal grandmother is from Korea.
  • He auditioned twice for American Idols.
  • He altered his attire and appearance just for the American idol.
  • He asserts that he draws inspiration from his surroundings.
  • He remains unmarried and has no desire to enter a relationship.
  • Steak is his favourite food.
  • He was involved in an accident and sustained damage to his teeth, but he has since had them repaired.
  • At the age of fourteen, he performed his first professional gig.


Laine Hardy, a young vocalist, is a rising star. Despite his initial lack of confidence, he won American Idol. He formed a band and recorded several CDs, for which he gained popularity among the public.

Additionally, he is well-known on social media. Laine Hardy has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He is still progressing in his industry, and we can expect to see him achieve even more success in the years ahead!

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