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Lady Gaga And Bradley Copper: Were Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Madly In Love? She Reveals It All!! Check Out For More…


David Mudd

Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper were rumored to be couples. But she reveals the truth behind their alleged affair.

Were Lady Gaga And Bradley Copper Dating?

The two most popular stars in their own field came together for a movie. And the movie was none other than ‘A star is born’, where Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave remarkable performances. After which rumors of them dating each other started floating.

Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper
Source: Daily Mail

But recently Lady Gaga has put an end to all the rumors with Bradley Cooper in an exclusive interview. She gave quite a diplomatic answer. She said that ‘they were in love” but press gave it some other meaning.

And what she meant was both of them was working in a love story and they wanted everybody to perceive that they were in love. So according to her they wanted to portray their characters in such a way that the audience would think they are actually in love.

They were successful in doing so because their sizzling chemistry seemed quite real. But it is still hard to make out whether they were really dating at that point or not. All thanks to Lady Gaga’s diplomatic answers!

Is The Chromatica Singer Seeing Someone?

She has had a complicated personal life. Two broken engagements and several other serious as well as casual relationships have been a part of Lady Gaga’s life.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Source: Daily Mail

Now she is reportedly dating entrepreneur and investor Micheal Polansky. As they were seen spending the quarantine together and Lady Gaga’s Instagram posts actually tells that she is truly in love with Micheal.

And the “Chromatica’ singer had revealed about her relationship through an Instagram post in February this year.

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