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Labyrinth 2 Release Date & New Updates: All You Need to Know!

While we’re a bit uncertain right now on whether to call it Labyrinth sequel or Labyrinth spin-off, we’re very certain about the Labyrinth 2 being made! 

Which answers our question, “Is there going to be a labyrinth 2?”

Even though it wasn’t really accepted at the box office when released on June 27th, 1986, but as it started reaching the audience with time, it ended up being a classic with time!

It is certainly difficult to bring a movie to life, especially when you need to connect the audience to a completely non-existing world like the first part of Labyrinth had. And if a movie’s title isn’t big enough like Avengers, Harry Potter, it may sometimes take years to be known and accepted widely. ‘     

Not just by the audience, but critics also didn’t favor this classic back then. But now when we look at it after almost four decades, it is one of those classics that the viewers will love to watch again and again!

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labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 2: The Story Plot so Far

Let’s go back in time to recall the masterpiece and prepare yourself for the next excitement!!

A 16 years old girl named Sarah Williams is reciting a book titled Labyrinth accompanied by her dog Merlin. She becomes uncomfortable when she notices a barn owl staring at her, making her unable to remember the last line. 

She recalls babysitting her baby and half-brother Toby, she runs towards her home and confronts her step-mother Irene while she is leaving with Sarah’s father, Robert. When Sarah looks for Toby, she finds out he is obsessed with Lancelot, who is her favorite childhood teddy.

 Sarah gets highly irritated from the sight and wishes that Goblins take Toby away from her. To her surprise, Toby disappears, and the Goblin king appears.

 The Goblin King offers Sarah her dream baby in exchange for Toby, but unwilling to accept his offer, she denies it even though she wanted to say yes to the proposal. Jareth doesn’t really appreciate her denial, and he gives Sarah 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth; otherwise, Toby will be forever stuck as a goblin.

 Like every story where the ordinary person meets a companion who then helps the lead character achieve their goals, Sarah also meets Hoggle, a dwarfish man. He then allows Sarah in entering the Labyrinth but right after, she is mistakenly misguided by a worm and sent in the wrong direction.

 I am very much certain the story so far was enough to recall all your memories and make you wait for the Labyrinth sequel even more desperately! 

 Or, if you haven’t watched the classic yet, the plot would have certainly created a desire among you to know what happened ahead.

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labyrinth 2

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When will Labyrinth 2 Release?

While we’re already optimistic about the Labyrinth sequel/spin-off finally being made after almost 4 decades, the other good news for the viewers is the director assigned to the project. 

Scott Derrickson (who also happens to be the director of the masterpiece Doctor Strange) is all set to direct the 2nd part of Labyrinth.

 Since the movie itself is quite unique, a slight mishandle would have ruined the complete experience along with wasting the years of waiting desperation of the viewers. We’re very certain no other director other than Scott Derrickson would have been a better choice for it. 

Having a super-clear vision of what he wants to do, he is already known to do the unthinkable on the big screen! As per the information on IMDB, he has also directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which was quite a masterpiece and a unique concept that would have been difficult for an ordinary director to pull out. He is an expert when it comes to working on dark movies.

 Another strong belief that the project will meet our expectations is that Jennifer Connelly is all set to return! She performed exceptionally well in the first part about 40 years ago, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Are you excited about the release date? But till now, there is no official statement about the release date of the movie. So we have to wait until any further notice.

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Wrapping Up

I am sure we are on the same page of waiting like a Hawk for its part 2. But as of now, all the news is in favor of its fans like us, I am sure that you will get to know the release date here again soon.

Stay tuned for further updates and the release date for Labyrinth 2, and don’t forget to share your views or any additional information in the comment section right below!!

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