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La Brea Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

La Brea, NBC's sci-fi adventure series, has been renewed for a second season, La Brea Season 2. But what does this imply for the show's future?

La Brea Season 2 of NBC is poised to have a number of intriguing discoveries. It is also poised to have several developments following the fantastic season 1 and season finale packed with cliffhangers. The program is a science fiction series. That tells the narrative of a gigantic sinkhole forming beneath the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Further swallowing survivors, plunging them into the primitive and dangerous world of 10,000BC. Eve (Natalie Zea) and her son, Josh (Josh Harris), find themselves in an unknown realm under the sinkhole. While Gavin (Eoin Macken) and their daughter, Izzy (Zyra Gorecki), are left in modern-day Los Angeles.

La Brea Season 2

Season 1 finished with multiple cliffhangers that might play a significant part in La Brea. Josh, Riley, and Lily have moved to a new location and time period. Gavin and Izzy have gone into a sinkhole in Seattle in quest of their loved ones. They have gone only to discover that they are in the wrong location at the wrong time.

Isaiah is on his way to the 1980s, and spectators learn that Isaiah's true name is Gavin. It connects the visions Gavin had throughout the series. To the experiences of his younger self. La Brea found itself in an unsafe situation. During its first production and distribution since the pilot was shot in March of 2020. Which marked the start of lockdowns in several nations as a result of the Covid epidemic. However, this may benefit the program in the long term. Because it gives the show's writers more time to work on the La Brea season 2 narrative, improve the characters, and set an acceptable release date. Here's all we know thus far about La Brea.

What the Story of La Brea May Be About

NBC has just renewed La Brea Season 2! The strange narrative of a giant mile-wide sinkhole forming in Los Angeles and zapping people back to the year 10,000 B.C. has just become more exciting as our main protagonists discover their fates. The thrilling season finale aired on November 30, 2021, and fans are already wondering when Season 2 of La Brea would premiere. Here's the likely release date, as well as the most recent news, narrative rumors, trailers, and more!

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Although not much about the Season 2 of La Brea story has been revealed, showrunner David Appelbaum, who is also a writer/producer on The Enemy Within, has confirmed the show is looking to play with the timeline as much as possible, which means there may be an overlap of Gavin and Isaiah on the horizon. Josh is also likely to be sent to a different time and place, all as Gavin and Izzy traverse 10,000BC Seattle in quest of their displaced family during La Brea season 2.

La Brea Season 2

In terms of Aldridge taking Scott to a pretty modern-looking tower at the end of Season 1, Appelbaum has stated that they would “find themselves in a world radically different from anything we've seen on the show thus far.”

When Could La Brea Season 2 Be Released?

NBC has officially renewed La Brea for a second season, which will begin on November 12, 2021. While the official La Brea season 2 release date has yet to be confirmed, the NBC original drama is likely to launch in the autumn season, as it did in season 1. Those searching for their La Brea fix, or something similar, should expect Season 2 of La Brea to arrive in late September or early October of 2022.

Cast of La Brea (So Far)

Though nothing has been formally announced, showrunners and writers have openly explored numerous individuals that viewers may anticipate seeing in the La Brea season 2 cast. Natalie Zea‘s Eve Harris, Eoin Macken's Gavin Harris, Zyra Gorecki's Izzy Harris, and Jack Martin's Josh Harris constitute the show's central family and are incredibly sure to return. The La Brea season 2 cast will most likely include Chiké Okonkwo's Ty Coleman, Veronica St. Clair's Riley Velez, and fan-favorite Rohan Mirchandaney's Scott Israni.

Locations for La Brea Season 2 Filming

While the pandemic did play a role in the filming of La Brea season 1 – with the pilot being shot in Los Angeles in March of 2020 and the rest of the season moving to Melbourne, Australia – Appelbaum has been quoted as saying that he appreciates the “beautiful natural terrain that suits the environment of 10,000 BC.” Because of the success and possibility uncovered during the shooting of season 1, La Brea season 2 filming sites are planned to remain in Australia.

Plot Suggestions for Season 2 of La Brea

At the end of season one, Gavin and Ella were determined to save their loved ones. The episode concluded with them and Izzy traveling back in time to 10,000 B.C. through the Seattle sinkhole. It's still too early to tell what the next season will bring, but based on the events of the season one finale, this is what we could see, according to an interview with the show's creator, David Appelbaum.

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La Brea Season 2 has numerous fascinating angles to examine, the key one being the origin tales of some of the characters. First and foremost, Gavin's past must be investigated. While we know his name is Isiah, we don't know who his parents are or whether Silas truly cares about him. Second, we need to figure out what Rebecca and Silas have in common.

La Brea Season 2

How does she know so much about Isiah and his destiny? Why didn't Silas want Isiah to travel through the portal? “That'll be one of the great driving forces of season 2 as well — what is Aldridge and Silas' connection and their link to Gavin,” David speculated.

At the same time, Lucas will be dealing with his mother Marybeth's death. Although their relationship was strained, it is evident that. They had managed to put their disagreements aside at the time of her death in the season finale. But, now that his mother is gone, would he be pushed over the brink and go after Silas?

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Aside from the characters' backgrounds, there is the question of whether Ella and Gavin will be able to save their loved ones. Ella understands that she must do everything she can to help her sister Veronica. Going through a sinkhole has already told us that timeframes may upset any particular character's fate.


This is precisely what David has planned for the next season. “We're going to be putting characters in other realms heading into La Brea Season 2,”. He added in an official statement. We're in for a treat if the second season tosses as many curveballs as the first. That's all there is to it! Tell us what you think in the comments area!

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