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Kylie’s Revenge On Jordyn (?)


David Mudd

The Stint

Guys, Kylie Jenner has apparently started to begin playing her diva-self all over again.

And this time, the news is more spicy than ever.

Basically, for the past 3 months, Kylie’s life in quarantine has been a treat to watch.

Her fans indulge in her racy and adventurous pictures that she keeps posting every other day.

And since the past few weeks, she has been grinding her relatibility factor.

The Pretext

Despite being the youngest billionaire to exist, she made sure people went ‘Oh, SAME!’ when she spoke about certain things.

That’s no easy feat when you’re posting from your brand-new $36 million mansion.

And it’s not much easier when you’re travelling the country in a private jet and taking flawless bikini pics in exotic locales, which is exactly what Kylie is doing now.

First, she joined the rest of her family in Wyoming, where the Kar-Jenners celebrated North West’s seventh birthday.

Kylie and Fai are rumoured to be dating, which is interesting for a number of reasons.

OFCOURSE because Jordyn’s ex-boyfriend is Kylie’s former boyfriend (?).

The End

Kylie apparently had thrown Jordyn out of her house after she was caught having an affair with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson back in 2019.

Earlier this week, Kylie’s suggestive captions got fans discussing!

Many assumed she was sending snarky messages to Kylie’s ex boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Travis, by the way, is the father of her daughter, Stormi. Duh.

Let’s see how and where this builds up to.

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