Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up for Debate? Caught Kissing Another Woman!


Saloni Singh

On the off chance that you’ve been on TikTok of late, you’ll have likely seen a video of Kylie Jenner cozying up with her best buddy Stassie Karanikolaou and looking only a tad bit like they’re going to kiss.

We wouldn’t believe on the off chance that you didn’t see it, as the video has already rounded up 3 million likes and north of 10,000 remarks. What’s more, as you can presumably envision, they’re loaded with hypothesis interspersed with the nails emoticon – the exemplary eccentric marker on the platform.

“They clearly need to kiss so gravely and truly I likewise maintain that they should kiss so severely,” thinks of one TikTok user. “Kylie is clearly gay and can’t emerge or something,” remarks another.

It seems like enthusiasts of the Kardashian faction accept – or if nothing else trust – that this video is the delicate send off of Kylie Jenner emerging – regardless of her public hetero relationship with rapper Travis Scott.

Throughout the course of recent weeks, more recordings have surfaced showing both of them being tender towards each other, and huge number of individuals have investigated the recordings (essentially outline by outline) and dissected Kardashian legend to conclude whether the two ladies are simply emotional companions or on the other hand assuming Kylie is into ladies.

This Isn’t Whenever a VIP First Has Been the Subject of Hypothesis About Sexuality!

From Madonna and Britney being addressed over their kiss at the VMAs in 2003, to Miley Cyrus dared to be gay before she turned out in 2013 because of a short hair style, the entire way to Billie Eilish being addressed over her Waste of time music video, which was a festival of female-kinship, ladies have been examined over their sexuality for many years.

Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up For Debate? Caught Kissing another WOMAN

Truth be told, Kylie’s own sister Kendall Jenner has likewise been the subject of strange doubt throughout recent years.

In the event that ladies to such an extent as embrace one more person for a second excessively lengthy, hypotheses about their sexuality begin to fly, and it can go bad rapidly.

Large numbers of the remarks encompassing Kylie’s recordings place on how significant a strange Kardashian would be to the LGBTQ people group, with remarks like “I mean, with that large number of sisters, no less than one will be eccentric” and “homophobia would fundamentally end assuming that a Kardashian was gay.”

This hypothesis, and the longing hints that accompany it, say a ton regarding how seriously many eccentric individuals want portrayal.

This should be visible in the queerbaiting discourse that has zigzagged all around moving points via online entertainment and titles for years now.

Whether it’s Billie Eilish highlighting an eccentric-looking sleepover in her music video or Harry Styles painting his nails and brandishing a dress, fans have long conjectured over the evident strangeness of superstars who are either straight, haven’t emerged or are essentially uncertain – venturing to scrutinize them and blacklist their work on the off chance that they don’t focus on having an eccentric character, and offering portrayal to eccentric individuals thusly.

Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up For Debate? Caught Kissing another WOMAN

In Any Case, However Significant As Eccentric Portrayal May Be, We’re Not Qualified to Get It From Whomever We Like!

What’s more, other than a couple nearly kisses and delayed contacting, Jenner (neither Styles nor Eilish) hasn’t really done anything to propose she’s as she would prefer to coming out.

The response to Kylie Jenner’s recordings with Stassie says a ton regarding how society sexualises ladies and the manner in which they communicate with each other.

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The rushed remarks surveying how Kylie Jenner contacts her companions and the energy that results are, we prefer not to say it, reminiscent of men in bars slobbering over female companions who dispassionately kiss each other on evenings out.

Female fondness is so frequently viewed as sexual that two ladies hand-holding, sharing a kiss (or very nearly a kiss for Kylie’s situation) is taken as either a clue towards sexuality that can’t yet be uncovered or a performance for men.

However, almost certainly, for Kylie Jenner, she’s contacting her companion for neither explanation. She’s most likely contacting her companion because she adores her. Furthermore, there’s something else entirely to it.

“The male controlled society abhors the possibility of ladies forming real fellowships or sisterhood because it conflicts with the generalization that ladies are adversaries or contenders.”

Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up For Debate? Caught Kissing another WOMAN

These Assumptions Call Attention to Serious Issues in Our General Public, “Kylie Jenner”!

 The first is that the male centric society detests the possibility of ladies forming real kinships or sisterhood because it conflicts with the generalization that ladies are adversaries or contenders. The second is the presumption that hetero or bisexual ladies couldn’t really look for joy in that frame of mind without men.

What’s more, the third is that homophobia is now being used to restrict the degree to which ladies can impart a non-romantic relationship to their own sex.

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Reasoning that a lady should be gay because she’s common a cozy second with a lady exhibits our absence of understanding towards how eccentricity functions, and how female companionship works. It’s both homophobic and sexist in one terribly wrapped bundle.

Maybe this thought is as yet being upheld because men aren’t generally so sexualised as ladies, and male, straight companions are seldom urged to contact each other similarly as ladies are.

While numerous young ladies find it simple to embrace, hold and kiss each other without an abnormal discussion or conflict resulting, men have for quite some time been urged to disconnect from one another genuinely to stay away from the allegations of homosexuality ladies are so used to (and burnt out on).

Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up For Debate? Caught Kissing another WOMAN

This was found in the ‘no homo’ period of the mid-noughties, where men couldn’t utter a word somewhat friendly or even kind to each other without safeguarding themselves with a fast “#nohomo” explanation. Clearly, this thought is keeping close by.

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Yet, part of the magnificence of female kinship, whether it consists of hetero or gay individuals, is our capacity to investigate closeness with each other. Closeness that exists beyond sex, from hanging out to dispassionate actual touch, requires a sort of weakness that men broadly need and ladies depend on one another to give and get.


To expect anybody is gay because they look for love from a person of similar sex, sets a cap for where individuals can look for closeness, joy, and delight from. Furthermore, in our current reality where closeness is so significant yet so confounded, we ought to permit that dispassionate interrogation.

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