Kylie Jenner’s Dreamlike Encounter with Prada’s Floral Elegance



Everyone knows that fashion girls love a good throwback. Even though it seems like everyone is wearing vintage pieces these days, we sometimes find ourselves thinking, “How did she get her hands on that?”

Well, the same thing happened in Milan when Kylie Jenner wore her newest tiny dress. The reality star was seen wearing a champagne-colored piece from Prada’s spring/summer 1992 collection in pictures that were posted to her Instagram. Yes, the same one that Naomi Campbell, Yasmeen Ghauri, and Linda Evangelista walked in about six years before Jenner was born.

Jenner wrote on her Instagram story that she has “been dreaming” about the collection created by Miuccia Prada, and we can see why. Even though the piece has a pretty simple shape, the detailed embroidery is what makes it stand out. Dozens of tiny flowers lined the dress, which was made of a bare fabric. Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet Make First Public Appearance Together.

This added a lot of structure and made it look like Jenner got lost in a field of lilies. At the bottom of the dress, there were bigger cloth flowers that went all the way around the edge.

Kylie Jenner's Dreamlike Encounter with Prada's Floral Elegance

Jenner probably had access to the records of the Italian brand, which she seems to have taken very seriously. Instead of adding a statement piece or accent, she finished the look with the same sandal heels that were on the runway. The outfit was very Jenner—ultra-short and in a dull color—but it also had a lot in common with the, dare we say, “ugly chic” style of old Prada. Recently At The Us Open, Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet Put Their Arms Around Each Other

Jenner has worn clothes from Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier in the past, but Miuccia Prada’s ’90s line has something of a cult following among fashion fans. And if that wasn’t enough, earlier in the day, the 26-year-old wore another Prada outfit that was based on an old collection.

Jenner was happy to wear a black leotard and a Swarovski crystal chandelier skirt for the brand’s runway show, where she showed off a very special someone. The flashy piece was made to look like something from Prada’s spring/summer 2010 line. Did u know Kylie Jenner Goes Without Makeup In A Beautiful New Tutorial

Jenner’s recent off-duty looks have been all about neutral colors and sleek cuts, and it’s clear that she’s not getting too complicated even during fashion week. So, as the show moves from Milan to Paris, let’s hope Jenner brings more jaw-dropping old looks with her. she faces Kylie Jenner Sexuality Up For Debate?

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