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Kureha Shinogi – Ultimate Guide For You



Kureha Shinogi

The other famous character of the Baki anime series is Kureha Shinogi. He is a well-known Doctor and a fighter by nature. His personality is more like an overconfident guy who is mostly self-centered. Initially, he was a reckless and foolish guy who believes karate and martial arts are of no use. He maintains and guides his body by heavy weight training. His immature behavior soon changed and he is all Kureha Shinogi who is known for his calmness.

After being calm and all mature he still believes that his body is a perfect example of hard work. He has practiced the weight training exercise since he was little and achieved an Ideal body. 

Kureha Shinogi is also a Good sprinter and running is something that is in his veins. He believes he is good enough to represent his country in the Olympics. However, till now he hasn’t done anything similar in the show. 

He always believes that weight training is the real art and he also put it above martial arts and Karate. His confidence can also be understood by his thoughts of defeating Yuujiro Hanma. And we all know how powerful this guy is. Like he really thought to defeat him? Well, his conception broke when he was defeated by Baki himself. Now think Kureha Shinogi lost to Baki, who is the son of Yuujiro then will he be able to defeat Yuujiro? Nah Baby!

His behavior was completely intolerable in the starting. Being a doctor he thinks that he is actually God. he used to think that medical knowledge is something which is above all. His disrespect towards martial art is also very bad. 

While performing the surgeries, he always accused his patients of not being good enough like him. He had never really seen himself as wrong. His belief in himself was always superior. 

Moreover, Self-Criticism was something that wasn’t even found in his dictionary until he lost with Baki. After being badly lost he improved himself. He also helped Jack to improve his body after he got to know about his drug case. Jack Hanma, who is the brother of Baki Hnama used to take drugs. Kureha Shinogi even warned him and taught him that it’s not right for his body. But later he helped him to understand more. 

Kureha Shinogi also has a brother named Koshou, whom he loves to death. But he wasn’t like this in the beginning. His love for his mother was more like torture. He used to accuse him and always speak ill to him.  Kureha Shinogi even dares to say that he is the only person who owns the right to hurt his little brother which makes Koshou angry.