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Kung Fu Season 2: Release Date | Characters

We are back again with a new piece on Kung fu season 2. The CW series is a reimagined version of the 1970 series of the same name. The current CW series has 13 episodes in season 1. It is written by Ed Spielman and developed by Kristina  M.Kim. 

The original series certainly served as an inspiration for the new one. At the same time, the new show changed a lot of important things in the narrative. Kung Fu 2021 is one of the handfuls of shows that has a majority of Asian American actors. It is truly important considering the cultural representation and much-needed diversity. 

Anyways. The show has been quite interesting and has a quick-paced narrative with a script and lots of awesome kung fu action sequences that will leave you jaw-dropping Viewers are loving this show so much that a renewal of the show has already been confirmed for May 2021. 

 Read on to know more about the new Kung fu drama season 2. 

Plot of Kung Fu Season 2

Nicky Shen comes back home after 3 years. 3 years back she ran off from home to avoid marriage and went to China. During these 3 years, she remained disconnected from herself from her family on purpose. While staying in China she met Pei Ling and joined her monastery. 

Pei Lin became her ” Shifu” and she started to train as a Kung fu fighter. She turned out to be naturally talented. In the meantime address and comes back to San Francisco to her family.  After coming back to the US, she continues to explore her kung fu skills and becomes a kind of vigilante.

In San Francisco, Nicky's path crosses with Zhilan, who murdered Pei Lin and stole the Sacred dagger. Turns out that Zhilan is Pei Ling's sister who holds Pei Ling responsible for killing their father. 

Now it is up to Nicky to fight Zhilan and her mysterious group who in probability wants to collect all 8 sacred items and will kill anyone standing in their way. 

Ancient warriors and mythology 

showcasing olivia liang from kung fu season 2
Starring Olivia Liang, the main lead of Kung Fu Season 2

China has one of the oldest counties in the world. Fascinating mythological stories trace back to ancient history. Chinese mythology revolves around beautiful stories of warriors, protecting earth or mentors preparing their disciples towards excellence and greater purpose. We have pretty much every sprinkled beautifully all over the narrative.

What do we like about the show 

Well, there are a lot of things that I love about the show. First off, Nicky doing her training in a monastery of Younan was simply great. The scenes were a  visual delight and the serenity was tangible. It was refreshing to see something like that. 

We love Nicky Shen 

a glimpse from kung fu season 2
Featuring a still from Kung Fu Season 2!

Nicky's kung fu is pretty awesome and hard to look away from when she is fighting off criminals. She is so natural in her movements and it never feels like she is forcibly trying to fit in. We love Nicky's relationship with her family.

It is with her mother that Nicky shares a strained relationship.  Towards the end of the season, Nicky's mother lets out a secret that changes everything for Nicky.

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A possible love triangle

Nicky ran off when her strict mother forced her to get married to Evan, her then-boyfriend who later became the DA. Now Nicky is back and so are Evan's feelings for her. There is a new cute guy as well on the block– Henry. Henry himself is a Kung Fu enthusiast and knows a lot about ancient Chinese culture. Nicky seems to like him a lot. 

So is there a teensy chance of a sweet old love triangle? 

Season 2: our expectations 

Season 2 is going to be super exciting.  It's going to tie a lot of loose ends and many questions will be answered. Even though Nicky seems to have saved the day, things are far from being resolved. Not to mention, 7  more ancient mystical weapons are to be secured. Nicky's cousin too will be introduced in the new season. 

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The Cast of Kung Fu Season 2

a picture from the set featuring the cast of kung fu season 2
Kung Fu Season 2 and its amazing cast!

The cast of the show is expected to reprise their roles in season 2. At present the cast of season 1 is as follows —

  • Olivia Liang – Nicky Shen.
  • Kheng Hua Tan – Mei-Li Shen., Nicky's mother.
  • Eddie Liu – Henry Yan.,Nicky's love interest 
  • Shannon Dang – Althea Shen.,Nicky's sister
  • Jon Prasida – Ryan Shen., Nicky's brother 
  • Gavin Stenhouse – Evan Hartley., Nicky's ex, current DA
  • Vanessa Kai – Pei-Ling Zhang., Nicky's Shifuu
  • Tony Chung – Dennis Soong.

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Release date of Kung Fu Season 2

Sadly we don't have a specific date but it is strongly believed that it will be out in spring 2022.

Kung Fu Season 2 Availability

The original broadcast network for the show is CW. It can be seen on Fubo TV and Amazon Prime Video. 


The mysterious world of ancient times and its relics will never get old. It's perhaps kind of their unique superpower. Kung Fu is the perfect mix of ancient history mystery, insanely powerful weapons and one woman's courage to accept her destiny. The show, in brief, is a perfect cocktail of much-sought elements in a good story. 

How do you like the show? What's your theory of season 2? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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