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In July 1973 the world lost one of its topmost martial trades icons left the traces for the making up of Kung Fu Cannabis. Lee Jun- addict, affectionately known as Bruce Lee, actor, director, educator, and a true artist in all senses of the word.

The author of Jeet Kune Do, a cold-blooded fighting gospel drawing on different fighting disciplines, he started the Kung- fu mode in the 1970s, transubstantiating himself into an nimble fighter who could do two- cutlet drive- ups and shoot husky men flying with his notorious briskly- than- lightning punch.

 But what numerous do not know is that Bruce Lee was a regular cannabis stoner. This isn’t the kind of story one generally hears about him, because since he failed at the age of 32, the legend of him has grown to similar mythological situations that numerous call him “ Kung- fu Jesus ”.

Still, after his death, rumours crawled that cannabis had been set up in his stomach during his necropsy and was considered one of the main contributing factors in his death.

Kung Fu Cannabis Made Bruce Lee a Survivor

 According to several of the authorised lives written about him( books similar as‘ The Tao of Bruce Lee’ or’ Bruce Lee, the Man of Steel’), in 1969 he seriously injured his reverse during a routine training session.

He was told that he’d noway be suitable to exercise martial trades again and that he’d not be suitable to walk typically. Devastated by this news, Bruce came an investigator of his injury, of his body, and eventually created his own path to mending.

 The trip was long and there were numerous ups and campo. But it was thanks to his great will and his use of cannabis that the master of martial trades managed to recover and return in front of the cameras.

kung fu cannabis movie

Also, it was after this accident that he’d make his three biggest box office hits in Hong Kong and also’ Enter the Dragon’, his masterpiece and the last film in which Bruce Lee starred before he failed on July 20, 1973.

 It was known to all that Bruce Lee rigorously held to a revolutionary nutrition and fitness authority. As a result, it’s hard to believe that he’d have used any type of narcotic substance. still, Bruce Lee wasn’t preternatural. And like utmost humans, he was full of contradictions.

 Bruce treated his body like a tabernacle and a machine. The Zen way of life aspired to perfection and honesty. The notorious’ be water, my friend’ meant that a man must be suitable to acclimatize to any circumstance, still delicate it may be.

 For illustration, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Bruce was an inextinguishable toper of alcohol. But the reason Lee did not drink was that he suffered from alcohol flush response, an enzyme insufficiency common among East Asians, being in further than 35 of people of Chinese descent, who, indeed after a many drafts, suffer from nausea, a flushed face, and a quickened twinkle.

Rather of alcohol, Bruce Lee’s” vice” of choice was cannabis, since he discovered weed in the 1960s thanks to Steve McQueen, who was the first to hand him a joint while he was tutoring the actor Kung- fu and Jeet Kune Do. And it was love at first sight with the factory.

Kung Fu Cannabis : Ingested Marijuana Is Better than Smoked

 Bruce Lee smoked marijuana from time to time. still, since he was concerned about the effect of smoking on the lungs, he preferred to consume hashish fairies. According to” Enter the Dragon“co-star Bob Wall, Bruce Lee consumed at least two cannabis fairies a day to” get back on track” andde-stress.

To understand the love he professed for cannabis, Bob Wall also tells that one day at a party at his house, being the main actor and patron of the film, Bruce claimed that ALL his guests have their own cannabis, approaching the guests to pass them their own individual joints.

kung fu cannabis movie

When someone refocused out that this was inordinate, as utmost people would only need a toke or two before passing it on, he responded, “ No need to partake. I want everyone to have their own.”

 In the final period of his life, Bruce Lee began to depend on hashish to relieve his tyrannized mind of all the terrible burdens that drove him insane. He’d a youthful errand boy who was given the dangerous task of earning the cannabis, which was being smuggled into China from Nepal.

Like numerous other countries, Hong Kong has veritably corrective laws against illegal medicines. And Bruce Lee, a man of little restraint by nature, wasn’t one of those who limited himself to taking a couple of airs on a hashish pipe.

Kung Fu Cannabis : Bruce Lee’s Explosive Temper

Numerous might assume that since Lee was interested in gospel, poetry, acting, and chamber dancing( yes, he was a atrocious cotillion , not just when it came to sticking his leg out for walks), he’d be patient and slow to show his wrath. still, he was known to have an unwelcome and perverse character.

Bruce Lee realised that he’d a terrible temper that demanded to be controlled; and the weed did just that, calming him down.

 Bruce Lee was also a perfectionist, brilliant, and extremely motivated by success. And when you are a perfectionist and brilliant, it’s frequently hard to accept others who are not as motivated or talented as you. And this 110 station was also tempered by his marijuana use.

 It’s said that Bruce Lee also masticated cannabis root, as he believed that it helped his muscles to be more relaxed and fluid in his fights.

kung fu cannabis movie

Indeed formerly dead, the necropsy revealed a large quantum of hashish in his stomach, which makes it easy to imagine that he was a true stoner until the end of it. Some people would like to argue that cannabis was ever the reason for his death, but in reality, this isn’t true.

 Was a Anodyne the Reason for His Death? Kung Fu Cannabis!

It has been criticized on the Chinese cabal, the vengeance of other martial trades legends, and indeed a family curse that has continued to hang his descendants to the grave.

These are all conspiracy propositions to explain the unforeseen end of a myth. But the cause, according to forensics, was explained as” accidental death” due to cerebral edema.

kung fu cannabis movie


 According to some substantiations present, twinkles after the death of Bruce Lee was verified, the croakers who treated him met and someone asked them to ignore the use of cannabis in the sanctioned interpretation, therefore giving rise to a notorious expression by Dr.R.D.

Teare, a medicine expert who witnessed at the Hong Kong government’s disquisition into his death” The Kung Fu Cannabis we set up in Bruce Lee’s stomach affected his death as much as a mug of tea.”

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